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Be warned: one reviewer finishes Black Ops Declassified in 42 minutes

PSU writes:

"While our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II is live right now for your reading pleasure, you won't find the same thing for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, the series' debut on PlayStation Vita. That's because Activision failed to provide press outlets with review copies of the game, and while we're working on a review of the final retail copy, early impressions from another press outlet should give you some idea of the value proposition that Black Ops Declassified makes." (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita)

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Bowzabub  +   809d ago
On Veteran?
TOGC  +   809d ago
on Easy or whatever they call it.
Yi-Long  +   808d ago
Wow... finishing a whole full priced retail game in less than an hour...
... it's ridiculous.

I've played demos that lasted longer!
NewMonday  +   808d ago
getting this for SP is the wrong decision, this is for MP lovers.
gta2800  +   808d ago
Not that I'm defending this game...but I highly doubt any people buying this will be buying it for it's campaign. Most of the people I know buy every single Call of Duty and have never beaten even beaten it's campaign...smh.
Ares84HU  +   808d ago
People who are defending this game saying that this is for mp gaming are wrong.

It doesn't excuse a 42minute story mode. No one should buy this game. People who made this should be very, very ashamed!
Baka-akaB  +   808d ago
"getting this for SP is the wrong decision, this is for MP lovers. "

If they are going to decide that , then sell the game in parts and cheaper .

All i know is i played Cod 4MW initially for its rather neat campaign and none of the following game had a significantly better mp ... so it's an excuse .
Godchild1020  +   809d ago
The reviewer had to have played on regular difficulty. The game is not long and can be beaten in under an hour if playing on the lowest difficulty and rushing.

I started playing on Veteran and it took almost an hour to beat the first level and the second ia a pain, because its timed and you cant kill any of the hostages in that level and well the bullets do more damage to you. The lack of a cover system kind of sucks.

The game is far better than Resistance Burning Skies. I personally got more then 7 hours in and still haven't completed the campaign nor have I touched the MP. I tackled some of the mission related trophies and played each level on regular and after on Veteran before moving on to the next level.
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imXify  +   808d ago
I doubt it, ennemies glitch/prefire/aimbot you to death even on easy
NYC_Gamer  +   808d ago
I doubt reviewers play games on hard
admiralvic  +   808d ago
Assuming this is Kyle, then it definitely wasn't done on Veteran. I am playing on Vet and even if the game is only an hour long... Vet will add hours to your play time. It's so easy to fail that you will keep, keep, keep, keep, keep retrying.
Snookies12  +   808d ago
It doesn't matter what difficulty this is, the fact is that you're getting an hour of gameplay for a campaign? What the hell? Yet they have the nerve to price this 10 dollars over regular Vita games? I don't care how the multi-player is, make it an online only game if that's the case...
Slyfamous  +   808d ago
Dude, play the game and see for your self if it is less than an hour, dont comment on something you know nothing about. I can assure you it has allot more than just an hour SP.
lastdual  +   808d ago
This is like the guy who beat Dishonored in 4 hours - it's not really anything to go by.

Anyone can dial down a game's difficulty and run recklessly for the next objective, but that's not a realistic measure of campaign length.
princejb134  +   808d ago
this is mainly a multiplayer game
i dont even know why they add single player if its sucks or to short
glennco  +   807d ago
CoD has always been equally about the SP
darkziosj  +   808d ago
mp players sure will love this with a 4 vs 4 max match for 50$ hahaah
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Blastoise  +   808d ago
Ouch. That's not good. After all the video's that seemed to show an improvement over what we saw at E3.

Oh well, just buy playstation plus and get Gravity rush and Uncharted for the same price :P
cpayne93  +   808d ago
Man plus on ps3 AND vita is going to be awesome. Just when you thought plus couldn't get any better, and I didn't expect them to start out with two of Vita's best games. That should help some people jump to Vita. It will for me.
Vip3r  +   808d ago
What, did they actually expect a thrilling, well thought-out and lengthy storyline from a COD game?

That ended after COD4.
cpayne93  +   808d ago
Well even after cod4 the campaigns were still way more than an hour.
Vip3r  +   808d ago
Yeah but they just rushed this in the Vita for a cheap (quality wise) mobile COD experiance. That and to get it out along with BO2 for maximun profits. Just in time for Christmas too.

That and most people will be online for the most part.

Or so Activision thinks. It doesn't care. It just wants more milk from the same old cash cow since 2003.
GraveLord  +   808d ago
This Vita game has no storyline. Just missions. Think: Spec OPs. Oh and also multiplayer.
HammadTheBeast  +   808d ago
Black ops 2 so far is the true successor to CoD 4. It took them four more games, but Treyarch managed to finally create a decent game.
SeraphimBlade  +   808d ago
Oh well. Guess it's not worth our money. Hey! Let's all forget about it and go buy Persona 4 Golden instead!

HammadTheBeast  +   808d ago
I'm not joking lol.
Tired  +   808d ago
I was lead to believe the majority of COD players barely ever touched the SP campaigns.

Though that's the only part of them I'e ever bothered playing.
momthemeatloaf  +   808d ago
If u think this game won't suck slap yourself upside the head with a frying pan
Kingthrash360  +   808d ago
I own it, it doesn't suck.....** gives frying pan to meatloaf
andibandit  +   808d ago
Youre right, it dosnt suck, it stinks
jon1234  +   808d ago
it stinks of awesomeness
chazjamie  +   808d ago
its one of the worst games on the vita. i have seen more content from gameloft first person shooters (and they dont cost half as much as this trash). i wish NOVA would be released on the vita.
TopDudeMan  +   808d ago
so? There's a video on youtube of a guy beating oblivion in 12 minutes.
Neonridr  +   808d ago
Yeah but that's exploiting a glitch (the paint brush one). That video is not a legitimate run from start to finish.

A game, even on easy, that takes less than an hour to finish but costs over $40? There is no excuse for that.
Caffo01  +   808d ago
i don't like cod in the first place...but i'd wait for some proof before calling the article legit...
kopicha  +   808d ago
i dont doubt the article. if rushing through on easy mode it might be possible. I am only on the 2nd mission. and it is time base. meaning you have to finish it in a certain time else you will fail it. from what i heard it only had about 10 missions in total. anyway no one should be bothered with the story of this game. it was said so even before it's being release that it is not the main highlight of it (primary focus of this game is online). i personally didnt quite like the SP either, which is why I have not bother to really go through the SP missions (and no i am not a COD fan). But the Hostiles mode is rather fun. And have tons of replay value that consist of 5 different areas as far as what I can see on the menu. You need to unlock them by playing through each of them. And compete in online leader board. the main thing in this game is the online portion. That 2 alone already pack with countless of game hours to say. so SP being an 1hr (if it is true) really does not matter. if you are aftering a SP game, then this should not even be a game that you should be bother with in the first place. Just like some said, most COD players probably dont even play the SP portion and head to online day 1. at least i do know friends who are COD freaks that does that. they never play the SP even till the day they trade off the game.

it is just like MGS4 on PS3 is also only as short as about 5hrs (actual game play). And that is a SP focus game. So the main issue has never been the length of the game, rather more to the quality of the game play that matters. Who cares if you get a game that is 40hrs long but the game is shit? i wouldnt waste time on it personally.
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Caffo01  +   808d ago
i wouldn't count on quality either being it COD...
mcstorm  +   808d ago
I agree with what you have said as I did think MGS4 was short compared to the others.

Once thing I don't get about COD on the psv is why did AV not just port it to the PSV and add cross platform play with the PS3. I am not a big COD fan but I was going to pick this up for the PSV as I enjoyed resistance even though I thought this was short to but it was not a bad FPS game for on the way to work in a morning.

Having it as a timed game puts me of a little bit as I would rather have a full BO2 than 10 timed missions so I may have to get the demo 1st to see what its like.
yami930  +   808d ago
Its a handheld game with peace walker / unit 13 style mission based campaign, so I expect it to be shorter, but this sounds like they beat it on easy and rushed it for the review (what a lot of people did for medal of honor warfighter sadly, a really good game) so harder difficulty, plus going for trophies sound like it'll make it longer, plus they have their survival mode, and they said from the beginnig the game was being made with a multiplayer first focus.
CaptCalvin  +   808d ago
and how long did it take one to beat peace walker/unit13?
Slugg3r  +   808d ago
My playtime in Peace Walker (only PSP version) is 160 hours, only single player. The main story takes about 40 hours, unless you only rush through the main story. Still atleast over 20 hours.
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yami930  +   808d ago
Peace Walker had to be long because it is single player focused and an only single player game (co-op was just through the story too) so I'd expect that from Peace Walker (awesome game, of course kojima dosent disappoint) they probably had a longer development time, and being a PSP game, there wasn't as much work on graphics compared to a vita game (even though it is probably the best looking PSP game to date).
CaptCalvin  +   808d ago
Getting a PSP game to look like that has to have taken a lot of work.
Kingthrash360  +   808d ago
The majority of players care for the mp part of cod, I know some who has not played Campaign on any cod.... I'm not saying that's a good thing I personally like story modes but the fact of the matter is if its short so what. Finish your review and inform us then. Stop wasting time making this article just because u did a marathon run on campaign in 45 min (on easy no less). I have it and played mp and had a blast gunna play campaign right now at work under my desk. That's what a portable cod is all about, kicking ass and taking names while at work using the jobs wifi! The greatest time killer to date. the fact that I can do this at work should raise the review score a notch.
ALLWRONG  +   808d ago
So it's about an hour less than the console versions. :P Were people really expecting that much anyway from a COD game?
Chupa-Chupa  +   808d ago
I'll take it! 42minutes - 1hour of single player is decent for a portable game, especially one where the multiplayer is its main focus. Take Unit 13 for instance, a great value for a game without a single player story mode. If you want a story, go to the library.
cdz1104  +   808d ago
The difference is that unit 13 can't be completed in 45 minutes
Eziowellington  +   808d ago
but unit 13 only has co-op, liked the game though, oh n fewer weapons n stuff
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Hicken  +   808d ago
I am warned that someone out there decided to grab attention by breezing through a game simply for the sake of saying he did it. I am warned that such an individual has no grasp at all on how the game plays, if they breezed through it in such record time, as they have obviously skipped past much of the title's content.
CaptCalvin  +   808d ago
Are you warned that the game's singleplayer doesn't have much content to begin with?
seanjohn004  +   808d ago
This game F@#$%ng Rocks, nuff said. Reviewer can go eat space cake and baby gravy
WeAreLegion  +   808d ago
How do you work in a game for an entire year and only get a one hour campaign?!? I know there are multi-player aspects, but this is ridiculous.
admiralvic  +   808d ago
Well plenty of games can be shorten if you rush them.

God of War can easily be done in 2 and a half hours.
Demon Souls can be done in an hour.
Zone of the Enders can be done in an hour and a half.

With this being said and while I hope it doesn't cause problems, I doubt this claim is true.

There are 10 operation missions, 5 time trial missions and 5 hostile missions. This makes 20 missions total, so you got to wonder just what the claim is.

Does anyone think you can successfully complete all 20 missions, hear whatever story the game has, plus load them all in 42 minutes? Does anyone even think you can do all 20 missions at 2:02 a piece? This most likely only accounts for 10 missions (which is short, but as I've mentioned... there is plenty more and thats without the MP) and I sincerely doubt it was accomplished on Normal. I've only done the first 2 missions on hard so far and my only successful run of level 1 was just under 10 minutes. Mission 2 was only 1:37, but this took at least half an hour to get it down. So playing on Vet, it's taken me around 2 hours to beat 2/10 missions.
porkChop  +   808d ago
He said that almost all of the 10 spec ops campaign missions are less than 5 minutes each. He later tweeted "Just beat the other mode in barely over five minutes. Black Ops: Declassified has less than an hour of single player content in total."

And while you're right, games like God of War can be beaten in a few hours, there is a huge difference between a few hours, and 42 minutes.

Call of Duty always has a 5-hour minimum campaign, with a story. Activision announced 2 years ago that a CoD for Vita was in development. In that time Treyarch managed a full length singleplayer with different endings, multiple gameplay choices, 3 zombie modes with lots of maps, and a fully fleshed out multiplayer mode complete with built-in clan support, theatre, and livestreaming.

In that exact same amount of time all Nihilistic was able to come up with was less than an hour of singleplayer content, a half-assed 4v4 multiplayer mode with only 6 maps that are crap remakes of old CoD maps because they were too lazy to design their own, and missing tons of features like killcam for example. And they didn't even bother trying to slap together a zombie mode. And their excuse for all the missing features and low amount of content was "Activision didn't ask for it". This is just pathetic. If this was any other IP, a game with this amount of content would have been a $15 downloadable title.
kopicha  +   807d ago
@porkChop I think you are forgetting the scale of the game. The scale of the production and the scale of the studio. It is obvious that from the studio point of view, Treyarch is a larger studio than what Nihilistic is. Also production cost, it is obvious that the production value of BO2 is higher of that from BOD. I suppose you have not played the game. But just base on assumptions from reading articles. Nihilistic still deserve a pat on their back for being able to deliver a true COD experience in the game play from all aspect on Vita. Consider that is a new platform and the first time this franchise actually appear on it.

You should have blame how have Activision treat their own franchise. If you ever read what Nihilistic have openly talk about. A lot of things they would love to do (that include Zombies), but it is not up to them as the business aka Activision / Sony bare the main decision. Are you even a working adult that work in a big organization? I would laugh if you are from the way you assume things in your post.

The game is definitely not as bad as what many think it is including most reviews that stated. If you truly put some time and sit down with the game. You will realize that it is mor ethan a 42min game.
izumo_lee  +   808d ago
Is this another one of those 'reviewers' that put it on EASY mode like that one IGN 'reviewer' who played that Dynasty Warriors game.

Good for you for finishing a game in 45 minutes. There is a trophy for finishing ICO in under 2 hrs, does that mean that game is a wash too?
Yay, games are getting even shorter!
NeXXXuS  +   808d ago
And then my boredom becomes even longer.
teedogg80  +   808d ago
Yeah the missions in this game only last about a few minutes each. Very disappointing. The multiplayer is pretty dope though. Resistance BS is longer than this game. IMO it should have just cost $40 instead of $50. They knew they would make a little cash on it and slapped an extra 10 bucks on it just cause its CoD.
pr0digyZA  +   808d ago
These missions were always going to be five to ten minutes in length if played on normal. They are not campaign missions but more of a score based mode where the point is to try and do better each time (like unit 13).Plus the multiplayer will bore than make up for time.
euiuodsn   808d ago | Spam
Nicaragua  +   808d ago
Meh - super mario 64 can be completed in under 10 minutes.

If people want to race through games then let them, most people will take their time.
kopicha  +   807d ago
If i dont remember wrongly. Super Mario 3 can skip straight to Stage 8 and complete the game in less than an hour. Why isnt people complaining back in those days? Gamers this generation are really pathetic imo.
moodgamer  +   808d ago
Am i, one of the few people that actually likes the campaigns of COD? The plot's sometimes are the SSDD but they are always very cool. I buy COD not because of MP only. Its a full package of fun.
tubers  +   808d ago
Never a fan of CoD MP.. I love their campaigns too!

So Lack of Duty: Dick Classified is a NO NO @ 50 dollars.

I might consider it at 20.
KillerPwned  +   808d ago
I am just starting this game and I love it. I am not gonna take this guys 42min completion time into a factor. I am not rushing through the game as I will explore everything I possibly can....On the multiplayer side its a fantastic console experience.
sandman224  +   808d ago
How come anything involving call of duty on any Sony platform is negative press? I don't get it.
tubers  +   808d ago
Since Nihilistic is going away.. Does that mean the MP support and patches will be dropped asap?
teedogg80  +   808d ago
Don't know if there will be any MP support but I read somewhere that Activision will handle all patches from here on out if needed.
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smashcrashbash  +   808d ago
A short campaign for a shooter. What a concept. If I remember L4D had a ridiculously short campaign but when ever you mentioned it people shouted that it was the MP that counted and it didn't matter. But now since it is a VITA game that doesn't even cost the same as a full game it is a huge strike against it? Wow it is amazing how two faced the game industry is. People will say anything as long as you want something to succeed or fail.When people wanted to hate on Killzone 3 they harped on and on about the story. But any shooter they want to succeed damn the story. Any mediocre crap fairy tale full of holes will do just fine. And God help you if you mention it. Fanboys will scream 'story doesn't matter' and want to hang you high if you mention it again. When will people understand? It only matters or doesn't matter when the majority says it does even if it does or doesn't
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Ducky  +   808d ago
L4D still has ~3 hours of campaign even when you rush through it. The encounters also change per playthrough, so there is replay value.
Story in FPS games has been criticized before KZ3 (MW2) and after KZ3 (Crysis2), and were mentioned in reviews (just check IGN's review)

For a linear game like CoD which has little to no replay value, ~1 hour of SP content is pitiful for a game priced at $50.
It doesn't seem like people are against it because they hate the Vita. If anything, it seems the only reason you're defending it is because it is a vita game.
#26.1 (Edited 808d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
smashcrashbash  +   808d ago
Wow 3 hours of practice for MP. That MUCH better. What was I thinking.Compared to games that have at least 15-60 hours of gameplay that is like a steal especially since I am paying the same price for it. And KZ3 got lower scores of lack of story but the ones criticized for it didn't.And COD is always linear and the meat of the game is ALWAYS MP which is what the VITA has. Anything else to say? Or do you still think I am defending it because it's a VITA game.People just immediately react because it is a VITA game. Do you think they would have reacted better if it was three hours like L4D? Nope. People would still be complaining about a short campaign.Three hours for a shooter is pitiful too but not as long as the fanbase says it isn't.If L4D was reduced to a one hour campaign and concentrated on MP do you really think anyone will not still buy it? Nope. sales would still sky rocket and all complaints would fall on deaf ears.
Ducky  +   808d ago
^ A few things:

- L4D's campaign isn't for practicing multiplayer. Are you even familiar with how that game plays?

- You also overlooked my 2nd sentence, which was that the game has replay value. MGS is a short game too if you rush through it, but you can play it again and get a different experience. Recent CoD games don't have a lot of replay value.

- Crysis2 and MW2 got marks docked for storyline as well. I'm still not even sure why you brought KZ3 up considering it has nothing to do with CoD on vita.

- CoD's multiplayer hasn't always been the meat of the game.

- For $50, you're getting around an hour's worth of SP content, and 6 small maps. Irregardless of platform, there are going to be people which are going to find that as an inadequate amount of content for the price.

- You're not defending the Vita. You're defending Activision. They should've done a better job with the vita version, or at the very least priced it at $40.
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Angerfist  +   808d ago
LOL 42 min, and the Sony Fanboys that bash COD because its Main Focus is more on Xbox are now defending this Game like its there Sister or something smh.
A SHITTY GAME IS A SHITTY GAME, no matter the Platform.
COD Games have lost their Soul, you feel nothing anymore whem you play it, i have to say Treyarch did a good Job with Blops 2 but the MP Part is totally boring, HALO 4 destroys it, the Campaign is the best Part in BLOPS 2.
Eziowellington  +   808d ago
Lol, i decided to get the game n see how if this was true, on 1 star yea, but on 2 or 3 highly unlikely, i dont think even the game devs could :p
nice game though, feeling the multi, maybe i'll pick up the console version later.
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T3MPL3TON  +   808d ago
Look at all the CoD children defending this trash.

"It must have been on easy (because I suck at) Veteran and it took me hours to finish one level."

The game can be beaten in 42 minutes.. That's terrible. Period. There are hundred of people who buy CoD games just for the single player. This ignorance is absurd and only further proves that CoD players are the lowest form of human beings.
josh14399  +   808d ago
I've had longer poops
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