Race Driver: GRID - Xbox 360 Preview

Xbox 360 writes: "That's done it. I've just hit a concrete wall in my Nissan Silvia at approximately 138mph, smashing the front end of the car into something resembling screwed-up silver foil, and sending a lone tyre rolling disconsolately down the track. It would seem to the animated crowd, who jumped back in terror when I hit the barrier, that my brief Championship race has ended in embarrassing bone-crushing failure.

But hold on... I rewind the action back a few crucial seconds, watching the car unbuckle and reshape itself before my eyes, and set the race going again - this time making sure I brake before taking the bend. As a way of avoiding any constant race-restart frustration caused by an incredibly detailed damage system, the handy (and some might say miraculous) Prince of Persia-style Flashback feature is a revelation."

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power0919993656d ago

The game is looking good.

Coming out of nowhere, and looking this good.

THWIP3656d ago

You CAN'T be serious. I take it you've never heard of or played any of the TOCA/V8 Supercars games?? This is the next game in that franchise, just with a new name. Since you obviously don't know, I'll fill you in: TOCA is THE racing simulation...NOT Gran Turismo. Since way back on the PS1, they had a ton of authentic cars and tracks, and full damage modeling and physics to boot. TOCA 2& 3 were phenomenal, and a blast to play on LIVE. This game will make all other racers look silly...Forza 2, PGR, and even GT5.

Proxy3656d ago

I hope it's a better simulator than Dirt was?

How does it compair in physics to games like GT5?

sak5003656d ago

@ proxy "How does it compair in physics to games like GT5?"

Just like comparing sharpness of a katana with a chopstick. You wont be able to bounce off walls or opponents @ 200km/h to get ahead on turns.

Yi-Long3656d ago

"Drifting is the boldest new addition to Codemasters' repertoire of racing, and the one the team is most keen to get right, because in the words of Fulton, "we haven't seen it done well in any other game."

Not true. Rallisport Challenge 2 has PERFECT drifting.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this game. Seems like a worthy alternative to Forza and PGR.

InMyOpinion3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Rallisport Challenge 2 is still the king of rally games when it comes to car control and race feeling.

PumPum3656d ago

Looks really impressive.
I have nevere been a fan of the toca/race driver series tho'.

OpiZA3656d ago

Gfx are stunning, great car models and detailed environments. Will keep this on the radar

kewlkat0073656d ago

never heard of it?

Reminds me of Street Racing Syndicate on Xbox.

Looks good..

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