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Multiplayer Confirmed for the Next Mass Effect Title?

MP1st - New details of the next installment of the Mass Effect series arise, including a hint at returning multiplayer. (Mass Effect 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Jinkies  +   1019d ago
Noooo leave it out

No one wanted it in the first place, leave the multiplayer and focus on restoring the franchise to what it was while gaining some respect back in the process.

Seriously the multiplayer is average at best, it bugs me they hire a team to the multiplayer yet for cut content like the Omega DLC they left it unfinished because they had a deadline.
OneAboveAll  +   1019d ago
"No one wanted it in the first place" Oh really? I would love to know where that "FACT" came from because my friends and I always wanted it. Nice of you to put words in other peoples mouths though.

Second of all, the next Mass Effect should be a new story with new characters thus it should be a NEW GAME and very different from the rest.

I'd still like to see that Mass Effect FPS game they were working on that was cancelled for no reason.
Jinkies  +   1019d ago
Hmmm maybe because Mass Effect was a single play game, if actually went on about multiplayer then I'm guessing you didnt enjoy it's single play aspect...what it's suppose to be about.

The majority of people never wanted multiplayer in ME, it's a game where, like Dead Space 2, Bioshock and hell Assassins Creed, it was really not needed.
Xof  +   1019d ago
Why would they get rid of it now?

EA made clear with ME3 that, like Bandai-Namco with Ace Combat, they don't want to continue the franchise as-is, they want it to be "Call of Duty, but with X."

And at this point, does anyone with a lick of sense even care any more?
Irishguy95  +   1019d ago
Me3 was a great game...

The ending doesn't change that
Xof  +   1019d ago
No, it wasn't. The ending was just the **** icing on a fecal cake.

They gutted the core of ME gameplay--the dialog wheel--by greatly reducing dialog choices and virtually removing the interrupt system. Side quests involved simply eavesdropping on NPC conversations, and then playing a multiplayer map with your NPC squad-mates. Not to mention the fact that the main plot was comprised of a MacGuffin Hunt and a Deus ex Machina, and that ME3's core themes were CONTRARY to the established themes of the series.

It's very clear that the people who handled ME3 had no real grasp of the series. Gamers fixated on the ending because, let's face it, most of us are an inarticulate bunch and the ending REALLY stood out. Sure, the whole game is drivel, but it's /well-executed/ drivel. Great production values! But the ending? It's poorly executed drivel. Easy to complain about, easy to mock, easy to blow out of proportion to the point the low quality pervading the rest of the game falls out of sight.


So, you tell me you think ME3 was a great game? Then you clearly must have hated ME1 and ME2, because like the ME3 production lead, you clearly don't understand a single damned thing about what makes Mass Effect, for lack of a better term, Mass Effect.
Canary  +   1019d ago
I just recieved a string of 3 PMs from XOF asking me to post a private message IRISHGUYGUY95 sent him(?) and the response here. So I'm doing that. Please don't bother bubble-voting or agree/disagreeing with this post(s) as I'm not entering this debate (I said my fill on ME3 long ago) and these are not my words. Everything that follows this line are the contents of XOF's private message to me.

_____________________________ _____

Some guy just sent me a PM re: a comment. Since he was continuing a civil discussion (most people who disagree with me just call me names) I thought it would benefit everyone if our short back-and-forth were made public. But we've both used up our bubbles. Would you mind reposting the PMs here?


Irishguy95 wrote:
>>>ME3 is not like ME1 and 2...therefore it sucks
>>>Resident Evil 4 is not like RE1....therefore it sucks
>>>Killzone is not like Cod...therefore it sucks

>>>You're judging ME3 based on different games. It's sad that it
>>>changed the formula. That doesn't mean it sucks.

>>>Aliens was not like Alien....therefore it sucks. See how stupid
>>>that sounds? Fans of things tend to take it badly when their game
>>>changes. You can either let that jade your opinion of the game or
>>>just take the new game for what it is.

[Xof] responded:

>>>But it's not a separate game. At all. It's the third act of a
>>>trilogy. Can you review Return of the Jedi in isolation, without
>>>considering The Empire Strikes Back or A New Hope? Can you review
>>>The Return of the King without considering The Fellowship of the
>>>Ring and The Two Towers? Of course not: in serial storytelling,
>>>each element of the narrative is co-dependent on every other
>>>element of that narrative.

>>>The Resident Evil games are not direct sequels to each other, so
>>>that is an invalid analogy. Without ME3, ME2 is an incomplete game.
>>>Without ME2, ME3 is an incomplete game. When reviewing a game, >>>reviewing a title objectively means to judge it solely by its own >>>merits--but a trilogy is not comprised of three isolated titles! >>>Just as it's incorrect to judge one entry in a franchise by other
>>>entries in a franchise, or by other games, so too is it incorrect
>>>to judge a game in part of a direct narrative as though the other >>>elements of that narrative do not exist.

>>>There is no one rule for reviewing. You cannot say, "When reviewing
>>>a game, one should never consider any other games but the one at
>>>hand." That's a closed-minded approach that exists only to diffuse
>>>legitimate criticism, in much the way that bringing up unrelated
>>>titles to criticize a game exists to belittle a title without
>>>making any legitimate points.

If you don't have time or don't feel like doing this, that's cool. I realize these things have been said before by people more articulate and eloquent than myself, so there's little value in these words. Still, I don't like the idea of private debate.
Pintheshadows  +   1019d ago
Is it me or is this all happening really fast? I don't mean ME4 to have multiplayer. I mean ME4 overall. I thought Bioware might take a break from it and create a new IP instead.
Jinkies  +   1019d ago
That's Bioware though, EA wants Mass Effect 4, not Bioware.

They are killing them
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1019d ago
it was in the last game so no one really needs to be told it will be in the next one. its kind of a dumb question
csreynolds  +   1019d ago
Here's a bandwagon. Jump on it.

*shakes head*
atticus14  +   1019d ago
Multiplayer is the new DRM basically - if you want to have fun with friends you gotta buy the game to get on their servers; and online passes generate additional revenue from renters and used market.

For EA you can pretty much confirm multiplayer for every game now.

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