Are RPGs like Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga I and II becoming obsolete?

Oprainfall writes: "There are countless things to say about the Digital Devil Saga games, and there are various opinions on these games concerning many aspects. Each of these different aspects of the games will be taken into consideration, and bring me to a very sad conclusion indeed; the reality that many of us RPG fans have been facing during this generation is a disappointing one.[...]RPGs have become ridiculously rare; good ones even rarer still. Digital Devil Saga is an RPG that stands out among its kind. Let’s take a look at how this is, and why…"

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Summons751326d ago

=[ apparently.

DDS is the best in the SMT series next to persona 3 and 4

Lovable1326d ago

Oh man I can't argue with that...though Nocture still holds a special spot in my heart.

Ryo-Hazuki1326d ago

Disagree! SMT: Nocturne is the best.

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Whitefox7891326d ago

There is no best in the SMT series, they are all masterpieces even the games that aren't made by Atlus but are SMT related such as P4 Arena are great.

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RivetCityGhoul1326d ago

they aren't any more obsolete than the slew of crap final fantasy games that have been coming out.

Blastoise1326d ago

You mean good RPG's?

Yeah, I guess they are.

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belac091326d ago

unfortunately a bunch of idiots are what the new gen of gamers has become, so yes actual good games are becoming obsolete

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