Who Needs MMOs on 360?

OXM US writes:

"How do you kill a superhero? Ask Shane Kim. As the head of Microsoft Game Studios, he had the task of officially announcing that he'd knocked off Spider-Man, Wolverine, and oddly enough, Captain America (what, again?). Marvel Universe Online, the massively multiplayer online game announced in September 2006, was rumored to have been cancelled back in November, but this week, Kim confirmed it. Unfortunately that makes him look like a supervillain -- but in fact, he was acting on behalf of the forces of good."

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power of Green 3658d ago

Not only was this game expensive there is too many MMO's coming out as there is, and soon too.

heyheyhey3658d ago

damn straight, there ae hundreds of MMO's on PC wether they be fantasy, racing, shooting or driving

plus there are many high-profile MMO's coming out like guild wars 2 and the expansion for WoW and the new FF MMO

there are just too many to compete with and frankly- we have more than enough of them

can we concentrate on real games now people?

Chuck Norris3658d ago

Q:How do you kill a superhero?

A:Lock him in a room with Chuck.

Any news about DC universe?

LJWooly3658d ago

What about Chuck locked in a room with Bruce Lee?

Chuck Norris3658d ago

All I can say is Bruce Lee didn't die mysteriously. *hint*

darkshiz3658d ago

Chuck norris!
Now that's a man right there hahaha.

Salvadore3658d ago

I knew you killed Bruce Lee in that room.

kewlkat0073657d ago

bring back memories...hehe

darkside3657d ago

you killed Bruce Lee and Kenny die!! you bastard!

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 3657d ago

Again false promises
Typical Microsoft

eagle213657d ago

And I can't wait. MMO's are made to be played for extended times, so the PS3 is best suited for it.

Bnet3433657d ago

This is an Xbox 360 article?

eagle213657d ago

They mention ps2 FFXI like multiple times. This article is about the author forgiving the fact that the 360 will not have MMO's. But the ps2 did? Seriously.

Percy3657d ago

comic book fans that also play videogames is probably a pretty large demographic i may be wrong though i havent done any research. I just figure since G4 a videogame channel and it covers comic con that the two must go together somewhat but then again i would also then have to say that gamers are criminals and cheaters (cops and cheaters). This is sad to me though i have been a marvel fan for a long time and this was one of the things that would have made me get another 360. There is still hope for mmorpg gamers though conan is still coming out and wings of the goddess for ffxi was much better than i expected.

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