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Mysterious 24-Hour Call of Duty Flu Keeping Gamers Home “Sick”

Kotaku - Let's be honest for a moment here: pretty much everyone around the world has at the very least thought about calling in "sick" to work or school while their health was perfectly fine, for one reason or another. For some folks, it's a beach day; for others, just a chance to sleep for an extra few hours. And then, of course, there are the gamers.

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Relientk771897d ago

Poor people hope they're feeling better ;-)

Eldyraen1896d ago

They're playing CoD--already beyond help ;). Atleast PC users got a good game when they picked up a hard copy.

Actually its the first CoD I'm thinking of getting in recent years *cough* Think I might be getting sick myself...

Soldierone1896d ago

I remember one year in college, I think it was for MW2 or a Halo title, this happened. I was thinking about it, but decided nah I'll go. Show up and literally every guy was absent, and there were maybe 5 or 6 of us that showed up.

Professor let us go half way into class "eh just go play your game, we can finish when everyone is here" (He played COD and all the latest games too, so he knew lol)

NaAsAr1896d ago

strange, i came down with this same health issue yesterday ;)

Cam9771896d ago

I've never stayed off for a game, it will still be there when you get home and isn't going to change.
It's sad if you ask me, these people clearly need to organise their priorities. Quite obviously, my friend has been off all week - I wonder why?!

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1896d ago

All week? The game released a yesterday o_o Maybe you should check on your friend lol

glennco1896d ago

i think they have organised their priorities.

jimbobwahey1896d ago

Eh, screw it. People put up with enough crap day-to-day slaving away at whatever job they have anyways, can't blame them for doing things like this really, even if the idea of spending most of a day playing video games just gives me a headache haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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