1Up: Roogoo Preview - Another XBLA puzzler...with a twist.

1Up writes: We recently spent some hands-on time with Roogoo, an upcoming puzzler for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. The backstory of the game seems ultimately forgettable (do these kinds of titles really need a storyline?), so on to the gameplay: You rotate disks with holes that shapes can pass through (the developer wanted them to remind people of being a kid and playing with Fisher Price toys).

You can't control where the shapes fall, but you can rotate the disks so that the shapes pass smoothly -- if the blocks drop into the inappropriately shaped hole, they go flying off the screen. The shapes (of which we saw triangles, squares, stars, and circles) fall at increasing speeds, and in later levels will travel in reverse, forcing players to watch blocks falling from the top and bottom of the screen. Aside from the single-player experience, Roogoo also offers online multiplayer action.

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