Watch Me Kill Community Members In Halo 4

GR: "I like to stay honest about my abilities in games. If I suck, I admit it. When EDD says he gets scared when he sees me driving a Warthog, I laugh, because I know exactly what he's talking about. Not only did I headshot, assassinate, and generally maim the community members, but I also ran them over."

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crunchychocobo2222d ago

And this is why I don't play muliplayer portions of games. YOU MONSTER.

ftwrthtx2222d ago

My skills are very lacking online. That is why I always play offline as much as possible.

ForROME2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Bring IT - Ill play you any day

Obnoxious_Informer2222d ago

I'm great at some games, sub-par (initially) at others. I'm king of 2D platforming, own at LittleBigPlanet, ha ha. Really slick at PSASBR as well.

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