Street Fighter IV: PlayTM Preview

Other than the positioning of the game in the Street Fighter cannon, story remains something of a mystery, the game having only surfaced late in 2007 - Capcom's Japanese development studio keeping much under their hats concerning key elements of the title.

What we do know is that it'll be released for both the arcade, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, early images showing-off a game every bit the 'next-generation' labour of love fans have been clamouring for.

This new system looks likely to add further intrigue to the gameplay as well, as certain moves can be stopped by quick-thinking, evolving matches into a Chess-like game of out-manouvring. Ono has stated that he hopes to add a more tactical element via this system, making the reading of a rival's moves essential to success, while maintaining the combos and the like that make the series so popular.

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