Sins of a Solar Empire: Palgn Review -'Genius'

Sins of a Solar Empire is a big, audacious game that succeeds so profoundly that it deserves to be on every strategy gamer's PC, and warrants attention from those who might ordinarily run a mile from real-time or turn-based gaming. It's a wee bit early to be declaring PC Strategy Game of the Year, particularly since Starcraft 2 is waiting in the wings, but it speaks volumes that Blizzard's monster is going to have to be something really special if it wants to be anything other than second best in 2008.

It'll probably take two or three hours until you really start to settle in with the interface, which might seem like a lot in this age of pick-up-and-play distractions. Keep in mind, though, that Sins is a game you will be spending a lot of quality time with, and it's a game that gets better the more you play it. The first hour or so will most likely be one of bewilderment and mild frustration. Sometime during the second hour, little light bulbs will start going off like your own personal paparazzi and then, very soon, you just have sit back and admire the genius of it all.

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