Microsoft Sending Xbox Live Veterans a Custom, Free Xbox 360?

Kotaku - A few hours ago, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted the following.

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GreenRanger2220d ago

This is about as likely as me winning the Euromillions lottery on friday.
(please give away free Xbox's, Microsoft)

Blankman852220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

OMG I GOT ONE TOO TODAY!! Not! Pssh, I never win anything, except that one time when I won tickets to go watch 101 Dalmations. . .which I never recieved in the mail. Oh and the Lottery that my phone apparently won for me despite me never entering. I just need to send through $800 for admin purposes and my $250 000 will be on it's way!

guitarded772220d ago

Ha! That's F'd. I've never won anything ever... not even lame ass 101 Dalmatians tickets :/ A free XBOX would be nice. I'd give it to a friend since I have 2 already, and one of my best friends doesn't have a current gen gaming console.

Angrymorgan2220d ago

I won my copy of turok dinosaur hunter for my n64 years ago.............. Thought I'd let y'all know....

gcolley2219d ago

it is not a competition

Mounce2219d ago

well i won a purple basketball when I was 5 by hoolahooping and doing random jumping jacks for Jump Rope For Heart.

aww yea, a free basketball!

Pixel_Enemy2220d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sp1d3ynut2220d ago

Well, I've been a member of LIVE from DAY 1...even participated in the Beta in mine should be arriving any day now. >_<

blackbirdi2220d ago

Veterans why not say to game journalists .... no matter how much about games and played etc ... i never got a gift from them

bubblebeam2220d ago

That made no sense whatsoever lol.

blackbirdi2219d ago

shit i forgot to write no matter how much you bought games : i thought i edit that but i think i fail here :'(

bubblebeam2219d ago

Hahaha no worries mate, It was all for a laugh.

That edit button can be quite troublesome sometimes lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.