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7 things that would make Smash Bros Wii U beat Brawl

ONM writes: So you know what characters we want to see in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS, the stages we want to play in but what about the other stuff? What improvements would be like to see made to the game to make Smash Bros 4 the best game in the brilliant brawling series so far? Read on... (3DS, Super Smash Bros. 4, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii U)

StraightedgeSES  +   1057d ago
Better Online.
deafdani  +   1057d ago
But Brawl didn't have online at all! :P
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Mykky  +   1057d ago
fossilfern  +   1057d ago
It did have online and it was terrible
deafdani  +   1057d ago
Guys... I was joking. I was implying that Brawl's online was so awful, it was as if it didn't have it at all. >_<
jakmckratos  +   1057d ago
This was a tragedy...not something to joke about
Pushagree  +   1057d ago
It needs to compete to be beat Melee more than Brawl. Brawls' controls were inferior to Melee's and Super Smash attacks took the skill out of the game.
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Phil32  +   1057d ago
I'm one of the minority (I guess) that preferred Brawl to Melee. It could be that I don't really care for the fighting game scene (I understand that Melee's combat is more fighting game fan-friendly), so I didn't mind it being more of a party fighter. Still, I loved the fan service the game had.
Ness619  +   1057d ago
Uh this list is a fail. Yes these options would be nice little additions (excluding online...online is a must for this game) but how about no tripping? How about the quick gameplay and precision that was present in Melee? Brawl was sluggish and dumbed down
Jinkies  +   1057d ago
Don't just clone characters and reskin them, give each character a differnt move set.

Seriously if thats the case don't waste character slots on them, make them skins. For example Fox and Wolf, make Wolf a skin for Fox.

The only two who should away with this are Mario and Luigi but even then I would like something to seperate them more.
TuxedoMoon  +   1057d ago
This list was kinda weak. Brawl was a good game, but what really killed it for me and a lot of other gamers were the physics. Brawl was slow and floaty when compared to Melee being fast and heavy. There was also tripping and the stupid stale moves thing that powers down moves you commonly used.

My personal problem with Brawl was the LACK OF NEW FEMALE CHARACTERS! Brawl had no new female characters, and I don't consider Zero suit Samus a new character mainly because it's just a new form of an already existing character. Give me Lyndis or Mai from Golden sun or Krystal from starfox with her staff.

Nintendo has a huge backlog of characters and I do hope the new smash bros actually adds more female character to the mix.

Bayonetta in Smash bros 4?
Griffin4871  +   1057d ago
It's Super Smash Bros, not Sisters. What do you want next? More transsexuals like Shiek?
shackdaddy  +   1057d ago
It needs to fix the feeling most of all. Bring back the Melee physics. And balance the characters (either fix metaknight or get rid of him entirely).

Also it needs better online without breaking the local.
MasterCratosKong66  +   1057d ago
Good online will be good enough for me, but new characters, an even better single player campaign, better character balance, and maybe even some more character customization would be good things too.

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