Black Ops 2: 10 Reasons It’s The Best CoD Yet

WC - It’s another year, and another Call of Duty game has abounded; Black Ops 2 will be flopping through the postboxes of many a gamer this morning, but is it a case of Treyarch following the well-trodden path once again? It’s fair to say that the series at this point has to evolve or die; while it might still post huge sales, its critical fanfare – and therefore, probably its commercial take – is going to eventually wane if they don’t change things up.

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Intentions1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

What a surprise this article will show up,next there will '10 reasons why black ops 2 sucks'

EDIT: They do this every year....

WiiStation_3601853d ago

More like every month... oh my,them hit seekers :D

ab5olut10n1853d ago

WhatCulture does this every day. It's all they do.

JKelloggs1853d ago

One reason why it's the worst CoD on PS3 yet. Connection issues, once again. Had hopes it would of been fixed, what a fool was I.

KingSalahi1853d ago

been play all day on my ps3 no problems

JKelloggs1851d ago

So no freezing issues what so ever?

InTheLab1853d ago

The game is basically MW2 with more colors. How that makes it better than CoD 1, 2 and 4 is beyond me. What? Zombies?

MasterD9191852d ago

Well we know it is better than MW3 because what isn't?