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"I loved the original Mazes of Fate. It was such a surprise on the Game Boy Advance, a wonderful throwback to Western dungeon crawlers. Sure, it had its problems, but those were forgivable and would have made for great fixes in a remake. That's what I thought. Now that the remake is here, I find the only thing to have really changed is a wonky transition to touch-based 3D that feels so, so wrong. It's like a good friend who underwent drastic plastic surgery. Their heart is still there. You know that, somewhere inside, they are essentially the same person, but it's too hard to fully accept them back into your life."

-- by Clark Nielsen

Audio/Visual: 5
Entertainment: 7
Innovation: 5
Value: 8

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ktchong3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I found this review on GameRanking, and I have to say it's a very POORLY written review.

The reviewer is basically just comparing the DS remake to the original GBA game, which was one of his favorite games. Therefore, his viewpoint becomes burdened and influenced by his nostalgia for the old game. He basically wrote the review based on a comparison between the DS and GBA versions.

As such, and I find his review to be useless because I have never played either game. His comparison doesn't make sense to me because I don't have the original game as the reference. It's only useful for people who have played the original, so they'd know what the comparison is about.

jackel 923716d ago

the guy does sound like he is just comparing it instead of reviewing the game.