1Up: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Preview

David Ellis of 1up writes: The makers of the NBA Ballers franchise fully admit they overreached in their attempt to meld arcade basketball and open-world gameplay with Phenom (PS2/XB). After that game's tepid critical reception and less than stellar sales, the development team is now focused on getting the series back to basics. So no more silly neighborhoods to explore before ballin' against the league's elite superstars; Chosen One drops you into a fictional TV show, which former Public Enemy frontman Chuck D pulls double duty as the show's host and in-game announcer.

Once Midway booted up the game during a recent press visit, it was quite obvious that graphically Chosen One is a major step up from its last-gen brethren. Even in this unfinished state, the visuals -- from the player models to the fancy locales -- impressed us. Once we got the rock in our hands, we were surprised how the fighting genre has influenced this arcadey b-ball title (no, really). Match-ups are split into rounds rather than quarters, and players walk onto the court in cinematic entrances, complete with music and fireworks.

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y is this coming to the next gen?