1Up: Spore Creatures DS Preview

Jeff Green of 1up writes: Spore Creatures, the Nintendo DS version of Spore, may be scaled back a few million degrees from the insane scope of the PC version, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an ambition all its own. Think along the lines of Pokémon meets Nintendogs meets Drawn to Life, and, well, you probably have a totally wrong picture in your head. But it's close enough.

Spore Creatures, as the name makes clear, focuses entirely on the PC version's "creature phase" -- in which you create a primitive creature from scratch, and watch how it evolves and survives. Characters are 2D and are more simplified than on the PC, but still lend themselves to creative inspiration. You'll initially have 20 points to spend, which you can use any way you like amongst the different categories -- body, arms, legs, mouth, eyes and tail -- and then adjust and rotate as you please. Parts will have different values associated with them -- such as high defense for a long tail -- and as your creature levels up, you'll get more points which will let you buy ever more powerful parts. You'll have 10 save slots for creatures you create or that you've traded with friends or with folks over Nintendo's Wi-Fi network.

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