Black Ops 2 live streaming will not work in South Africa

Lazygamer writes: One of the fanciest new features in Black Ops 2 is the ability to live stream your title direct via YouTube in real time.

During our review event this ability was demonstrated to us and while it really is a gimmick it’s a nice one that could be great for showcasing big matches.

But there is a catch… it won’t work in South Africa and not for the first time we can blame Telkom for this one.

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MooseWI2141d ago

How many gamers does this effect?

Hufandpuf2141d ago

Does it still work in West Africa?

csreynolds2140d ago

Oh no!!!

Moving on... *shakes head*

Albie3602140d ago

That it would not work is common knowledge. South Africa is managed by black ops.