Hybrid Crossfire seen in action

Written by Fuad Abazovic - Chipset + graphic=1.6 times performance

We had a chance to briefly see the Hybrid Crossfire something that AMD plans to launch in a few weeks and this is a new concept where IGP renders together with a discrete graphic card.

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LinuxGuru3689d ago

I've always thought this should be done.

Once a graphics card is installed, the Integrated graphics (the graphics processor that came with your computer that's soldered into the motherboard) goes to waste...why not have its small performance added to the equation?

It would be like one and a half would be a better choice for people who can't afford 2 or more video cards and still want a little performance boost in their games, you know?

Rageanitus3689d ago

This can be a good way to get rid of excess old chips.

Yet adding the extra value to the customer.

Can a crossfire of 2 x discreet cards work together with the integrated card?