AtomicGamer - Devil May Cry 4 Review

"Sure, it doesn't have the gruff American attitudes of a game like Gears of War, but Devil May Cry 4 still manages to get you fired up even if you're not into these kind of games. The architecture mixes many classic styles and makes for some great fighting arenas, while the animations of Nero, Dante, and your enemies are top-notch. Sounds boom out and the cutscenes are wonderful, but the action is where the game shines. While you'll find that the repetitive environments and strange puzzle sections are turn-offs, there's still a fine game here in Devil May Cry 4."

-- by Jeff Buckland

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jinn3808d ago

terrible story but good gameplay

fartanspartan3808d ago

How can you say the story is terrible. I enjoyed it from start to finish and this was my first DMC. It makes me want to 1 through 3 and catch up. But i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. Atleast you got the gameplay right it is good.