Theseis - 5 New Screens

Theseis, Greek for opinion or idea, is a new conspiracy-fantasy adventure game where players are caught between the mundane and the supernatural, following the clues of a long-lost ancient artifact that could spell disaster or ascension for the entire human race, only you will determine the outcome.

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power of Green 3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Becuase of the date on the site and the fact the 1st screenshot that I'v never seen before I will not report this, and boy do I wan't to report this as a DUP Story. The 1st pic I have not seen before so I'll pass on the report.

I'm willing to bet they're all old though.

power of Green 3683d ago

Get out and vote..

Wink... Wink...

power of Green 3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Looks good to me, even for pics well over a year old. The environments look better than 95% of games out now and will be coming out.

Friggen rivals GOW even in these old pics.

Look no one's expecting to say anything different from what you expressed in your post but give it some credit "looks like crap" is a bit billegerent and bendictive "Doesn't impress" would be more realistic even for a Sony supporter of your calibur.

alextz3682d ago

To lamback: Name 3 games that look better than this

silenius3682d ago

if you consider that its been developed from a small company...
keep the good work guys... and maybe fix the male charachter a little bit, he is kinda lame...

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