Surfer Girl's Latest Batch Of Rumors

1) Namco is bringing Family Ski stateside under the name Wii Ski or We Ski. How marketing managed to pull out that one baffles me, it is the epitome of deft.

2) Namco also has an American-developed Wii cheerleading title, in which one uses the balance board for clandestine dancing operations and the nunchuck/Wiimote combo as pom poms. Namco, I feel strongly that you need to give those deft folks in marketing a breather, so I will do their work here, Wii Cheer or We Cheer it is.

3) The market of masses shalt not fret, the interesting and different new intellectual property that is Criterion's next game will appear on that waggly machine and that touching machine with two screens, amongst others, perhaps this year.

4) The title Kyle Gray is toiling on over at Tiburon is not just good, is not just addictive and utterly intoxicating, it is a sublime experience that is the best DS game coming out this year. Maybe he'll say something about it next week, maybe Tuesday, maybe between 10 and 11 AM. Also, that other game that may be discussed during that time, something called World of Goo is shaping up to be pretty good, looking to be one of the year's best titles. It is nice to see two Kyles doing their work to help the reputation of Kyles everywhere after the harm done to the name by Kyle Sampson.

5) The future for Iron Lore's next title is not too existent as they are in the throes of shutting down.

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PEST3775d ago

People know surfer girl is a guy, so who wants to listen to a guy who wants to be a girl.

I think Surfer girl is Bill Gates's son

Surfman3775d ago

surfergirl's rumors always beeing boring and false anyway.

phalanges3775d ago

more entertaining then those rumors. One thing came out of me reading it, I'm a fan of Midnight Juggernauts now.

dothiprotest3775d ago

All Surfer Girl does is inflame the community and throws around mere speculation. When more of their articles and speculation are found to be correct i will give credit where credit is due. Or when they are outed and we know whether or not they are legit.

3775d ago
281219863775d ago

SG is the one claiming we get to see gears 2 in full motion at GDC 08 alongwith the fact that Bioshock 2 is MS exclusive...lets just see how solid these rumors are actually

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The story is too old to be commented.