How Would You Convince Someone To Purchase The Vita?

Okay, Sony doesn't appear to be convincing enough people to buy the fancy new portable, so how would you convince gamers to spring for the unit?

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Snookies122223d ago

Lol, I already convinced my friend. All I had to do was let him use it for a little bit and he was sold.

Batzi2223d ago

Add Malek Teffeha on Facebook here:

He will tell you why you should buy a Vita. :D

LOGICWINS2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

A backlog of 595 PS1, PSP, Minis, and PS Vita games CAN make a hell of a statement. But then your assuming that the person your recommending a Vita to doesn't have a 60GB PS3 and a them the ability to play 90% of these games with platforms they already own.So for a person who already owns a BC PS3/PSP and wants to play Vita exclusive titles that aren't on systems they already own, about 10% of those 595 games would be in your interest range(not counting Japanese Vita exclusives that aren't sold in the U.S.)

If you DON'T own a PSP, PS1, PS2 or PS3 and are strictly a portable gamer, then the Vita is for you.

Wolfbiker2222d ago

Any PlayStation 3 can play PlayStation discs.

LOGICWINS2222d ago

Not true. Only a 60GB PS3 can play PS1/PS2 games.

Wolfbiker2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )


It is true. Try it.

Any Playstation 3 can play a Playstation disc. of course this is not true for Playstation 2 discs. only 20gig, 60gig, and MGS4 Bundled 80gig PS3's can play PS2 discs.

MultiConsoleGamer2223d ago

Do you want the most powerful dedicated handheld gaming device on the market?

Do you want a portable game system with an amazingly beautiful screen, dual analog sticks, traditional buttons, a rock solid d-pad and comfrotable triggers?

Did you like the PSP?

H4all2223d ago

yeaaahhhhh... for sure i Convince all my friends...

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The story is too old to be commented.