Black and White Games Responds to Jack Thompson Directly

The crew at are at it again. This time they respond directly to Jack Thompson, in regards to his interview on Fox News today, relating to the NIU shooting.

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dothiprotest3747d ago

This is an interesting read and what the guys at this site are doing are they are giving gamers a collective intelligent outraged voice lets support them.

BubblesDAVERAGE3747d ago

Someone should address this guy. Does this guy play games at all?If he can blame games for everything why not all forms of entertainment like the very T.v. he spreads his hate message of games in which he is using as a tool to kill gaming

dothiprotest3747d ago

The best approach is just to let him be outrageous and have him show everyone his true self. But I have been talking to the guys over a and that is what they are trying to do they are trying to address the problems at hand. They have some interesting stuff planned. We need to raise the public debate on games, unify message board across fandom and let people know aka our elected officials and public figures that we will no go down silently into the night and we will fight tooth and nail until we are respected like movies, television and music, as an art form.

PEST3747d ago

Jack Thompson bites the John Thompson and likes it

dothiprotest3747d ago

That is the kind of talk we need to get away from if we as gamers are to make head way we cant name call we need to make our haters look outrageous and uninformed.

jaja14343747d ago

Lets see, I've played games since I was a wee little lad. On top of that I was on a semi-professional Paintball team for 5 years, which is a hell of a lot more realistic than say CS. And I've also dabbed a little into Airsoft, which utilizes guns that are almost identical in appearance to their real life counterpart. Yet despite all of those experiences I have the patience of a saint and will more often than not walk away from almost any fight, even if it makes me look like a pansy. So if someone can use a tragically flawed person, such as the one in the recent school shooting, to prove that games are ruining our world, can't you use me to prove otherwise?

dothiprotest3747d ago

You couldnt have a more valid point and we need more people like you to tell our side of the story.

lwsbrck3747d ago

the article is very well done and the points in there couldn't be more valid. and despite my expert training on 'simulators' *raises eyebrow* i only just managed to get a remotely good standing score at the range (100ft) with an air rifle last week, after about 8 weeks of going there.

seriously, next he will be saying that all the gang culture in america and britain can be resolved by simply confiscating their controllers.

anyway, see you all later, apparently i have a genocide to commit...

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The story is too old to be commented.