The 12 Best Games For the PlayStation Vita

Kotaku: Update 11/12/2012: The quality of titles available for Sony's handheld keeps getting better so we're refreshing the list of what we think are the best games for the PlayStation Vita. New to the Bests for Vita are: Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Persona 4 Golden. Games that fell off the list include dropped to

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insomnium22223d ago

Can't wait to get myself a Vita!

Hanso2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Make sure to buy Uncharted ,Little Big Planet, Gravity Daze/Rush in EU,
Ys 7, Wipeout and Disgea 3 and soon Persona 4
very good games for almost all genres

xursz2223d ago

Lbp and Gravity rush were easily my favorites of the games you listed. Really excited for Persona 4 golden.

g-nome2223d ago

Super Stardust is really the best of the lot. Awesome shooter for a handheld. Not even sure why anybody would still look at a 3ds.

xursz2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Not even cool. The 3ds has good games too.

I also enjoyed Super Stardust by the way.

g-nome2223d ago

I have the 3ds too , but the last games I enjoyed was Res evil revelations and Super Mario 3d , but nothing else since.

xursz2223d ago

Ah i feel you. I'm actually planning to get a 3ds soon with just those games you mentioned and MAYBE kid icarus but i've heard less than flattering things about the controls so..

Anyway i feel like the vita does get the nod in terms of games i'm interested in as well as upcoming games.

DrDeath2223d ago

3DS is a childrens toy. sorry bout your luck. everything nintendo does is kiddy size.What mario we on like 50?

Hicken2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Decent list. No Uncharted, The Show, or BlazBlue, but not bad.

Edit: The comments are still full of idiots who, for some reason, are missing the forest for the trees. For them, the list could be three, four times as long, but without a "killer app," the system still wouldn't be worth buying.

I can't understand that mentality. You'll buy a system for ONE game, but not for a dozen.

Hanso2223d ago

will be my first Persona cant wait!

Blastoise2223d ago

Wow 9.8 on Metacritic! I imagine that will go down but it's definitely looking like one of the Vita's best games

rezzah2223d ago

the game I look forward to the most for the Vita is Soul Sacrifice.

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