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Top 5 Wii U games to pick up on launch day

Top 5 picks for the Wii U launch. A good spread of games for both the lone hardcore gamer or for those looking to play with family and friends. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, Trine 2: Director's Cut, Wii U, ZombiU)

DEEBO  +   624d ago
YEAH BOY! zombieu mario already preoder,next gen you have to love it!
Neonridr  +   624d ago
Black Ops 2 - preordered
NSMBU - preordered
NintendoLand - included with my Deluxe preorder
ZombiU - preordered
Trine 2 - day one purchase on the eShop

looks like I am all set.
TripC50  +   624d ago
Around 550 spent right there. Wish I had your job lol... I will only be purchasing one other game along with the deluxe and Nintendo land. Which one should I get? Please help
Neonridr  +   624d ago
ZombiU, hands down.
deafdani  +   623d ago
That doesn't necessarily means he's rich. Maybe he just saved up some money for a few months just for the launch of the Wii U.

a_adji  +   623d ago
Looks like you're rich and have some good leisure time.
Perjoss  +   623d ago
To me it just looks like they have their priorities straight. Game on.
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ninjabake  +   624d ago
Not a CoD Guy so I'm not picking it up, not a hater of CoD its just not my style.
Imma get Mario U, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Nintendoland and Sonic Racing the rest of the stuff I want (pikmin, aliens, injustice, wonderful 101, rayman, bayonetta 2, etc) all wont be out til next year
Neonridr  +   624d ago
cannot wait for Aliens, Pikmin and Wonderful 101!
KMCROC  +   624d ago
Would get them if i were dumb enough to buy a Wii U , but i prefer to use my cash for True Next Gen consoles like say Xbox/PS or PS/Xbox depends on who release first.
ninjabake  +   623d ago
Dude, please, cut it out. Lets be adults about it no need to insult plastic or the company that makes it. There is nothing wrong with simply being uninterested but insults are a bit much..
KMCROC  +   623d ago
So i insulted you & plastic by questioning my intelligence.as for my comment i never directed it at anyone but myself, but if you took offense i sarcastically apologize.
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monkey602  +   623d ago
Mario U, ZombieU and Rayman looks like the winners to me. I had got the system preorder but I pulled it back because of lack of information. The launch is 2 weeks away. We should know everything by now. It's my birthday in Feb so I'll wait and let this system prove itself and look at getting one then
deafdani  +   623d ago
I haven't been able to confirm anywhere that Trine 2 is effectively a launch-day title for the Wii U. Everywhere I've seen, it's just stated for release for "november" (no specific date), or worse still, as a "launch window" game, which we all know ranges from november 18th to the end of march.

Can anyone confirm this for me, please? I'm taking the day off work on monday so I can enjoy my Wii U on sunday and monday, but I don't think NintendoLand alone will cut it. I guess I'll be getting Mario Bros U, too, but it would be nice to have Trine 2 as well. :)
mbace  +   623d ago
Trine 2 is still on it's way for U.S. (18th) and EU (30th) launch dates. If something goes wrong it should still be there during the first week.

Deathdeliverer  +   623d ago
I guess its just me but zombiU isn't attractive. The second screen while the action is going is cool and also the different survivor with each death. But actual GAMEPLAY? It looks no better than common FPS games we see day in, day out. Hopefully it will have a demo and believe me I hope Im wrong. I will have Scribblenauts Unlimited (endless creations and ways to solve) and SMBU along with my Nintendo Land freebie. 5 Days until its all clear...
deafdani  +   623d ago
I'm with you here. I think people is having such high expectatives for Zombi U, I fear this could be like a repeat of the Red Steel fiasco when the Wii launched.

I hope I'm wrong.
jmc8888  +   623d ago
It continues to grow on me so I replaced this for 007 Legends preorder.

It looks intense, where things will pop out at you. Watched some more previews, and the guns will have more pop than in the earlier builds. The atmosphere looks really good.

I'm not that into zombie games. Barely played Left 4 Dead 2 and sparingly play Dead Island (both steam sale at deep discount). But this one does look better than those. Plus the multiplayer action where if you have someone there with you, the person with the gamepad can spawn zombies to kill your friend/sibling. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I guess it also helped that I was replacing it from the 007 game that the other versions were reviewed as turds....thus I don't think the Wii U version pulls off a stunning reversal.
jmc8888  +   623d ago

AC3 on PC
Far Cry 3 on PC
Halo4 on 360
LBP: Karting on PS3
MOH: Warfighter PC

All the above for Xmas (either have on hand or are already pre-ordered..already tried out MoH lol)

Then Steam Wintersale
Borderlands 2

and a few other more indie games on steam like
War of the Roses PC
Sleeping Dogs PC
Recent (august) Transformers game PC
Kingdom of Amulur PC
...maybe Natural Selection 2, Primal Rage
..maybe a PC copy for my scratched disc Max Payne 3 (came scratched)

Early next year
Strike Suit Zero PC
Crysis 3 PC
Sim City PC
Bioshock Infinite PC
Beyond 2 souls (ps3)
Aliens: Colonial Marines (Wii U)
Some say Rainbow Six Patriots will be out then other not so sure.
All the above preordered or kickstarted.

Skyrim DLC PC

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