Star Citizen will have “the most sophisticated AI that I’ve attempted,” says Chris Roberts

With in-game A.I. test footage for Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen having been released earlier today, Roberts reveals that his space sim game will have “the most sophisticated AI” he's ever worked on for any of his games.

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ThanatosDMC2100d ago

Who the heck is Chris Roberts? Most sophisticated AI he's ever worked on doesnt say much.

revolutionika2100d ago

You ever hear of Google? Search it....and you probably call yourself a gamer.....

ThanatosDMC2100d ago

Nope, the article assumes everyone know who he is, but doesnt actually say anything.

Did you write this? Is that why you're so offended?

beerkeg2100d ago

You could have used less effort than you did posting your first comment to find out your answer Thanatos.

Let me do it for you -

ThanatosDMC2100d ago

The point is to not use Google to look for information that is missing from the article. Must be great for you to call this "journalism".

Baka-akaB2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Oh he's a nobody , just basically the inventor of the space sim genre and one that also once revitalized RTS gaming ...