Opinion: PS3, Blu-Ray, & Sony As 'Global Infant'

In a fiery opinion piece, game designer/author Ian Bogost examines NPD chart trends to suggest that Sony's lack of unified message on PS3, Blu-ray and the 'average consumer' is rendering ineffective its pitch to users.

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3753d ago
Anything but Cute3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I didn't understand what this guy was saying. But it's just his opinion.

I see the PS3 as being a more complete entertainment system than the 360. And I hope it attracks gamers and movie buffs alike. It does have Blu ray playback for your HDTV.

Even if you had no interest in Blu ray, I still believe the PS3 is the better console for pure gamers also, with the games it has in 2008. So to me it just has the best of both worlds. Not sure how that can be bad.

But the Wii, is a different story. I admit, it looks like it's gonna be hard to beat that. That toy, just made it mainstream. It goes beyond gaming.

Packet3752d ago

"I didn't understand what this guy was saying."


The article was nothing more than the tired old technique of cloaking a fanboy rant in the guise of 'helpful advice'.

Packet3752d ago

Let's just sum up Sony and the PS3:

* Has virtually every single franchise coming out for it and developer working on it that got 130 million people to buy PS2s last gen and are continuing to do so.

* Has dramatically expanded their first party developer array to a size that is twice as large as both Nintendo and Microsoft's first party developers combined

* Has hit break even on the hardware after just one year - just like the PS2 last gen

* Dominated last GDC with Home and Little Big Planet

* Dominated E3 with their first party lineup last year

* Dominated TGS with the rest of their first party lineup last year

* Even at a significantly higher price than the competition sold more consoles in its first year with none of the major mainline Sony exclusives being out yet than the competition did in their second year with their one major franchise being released

* Soon to be passing by the competition in installed base in Europe even though the PS3 has only been released their ten months ago.

* The PS3 has been decisive in winning the nextgen HD movie format war helping the rest of Sony and their movie business

* The cost Cell chip production continues to plummet thanks to the high volume of PS3 sales leading to cheaper to produce TVs that will be coming from Sony that include Cell chips

* The PS3 has turned out to be one of, if not the most, reliable and well built console ever made

* Home is just about to be released which will include movie streaming and downloads to compliment BluRay disc sales/usage

* The PS3 is selling well across all three major console regions and looks to continue to ramp up as the PS2 ramps down over the next two to three years

* PSN has turned out to be a gold mine of small and innovative games

* Online play is amazing with free dedicated servers. Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 look to once again raise the bar and set the standard in console online play in 2008

* 2008 looks like it could be the single greatest year for game releases for a console with the PS3 with MGS4,Killzone 2,Resistance 2,GT5,Final Fantasy XIII,Little Big Planet,SOCOM,White Knight Story - just to name some of the major exclusives for the PS3.

But, hey, thanks for the concern for Sony and the PS3's well being Ian. I'm sorry to say the PS3 is going to be just fine. Well, not just fine. More like utterly dominant by the end of this gen five or so years from now...

robep33752d ago

THIS GUY Mr_Kuwabara only seems to post things which try to show the PS3 in a bad way he really needs to get himself a LIFE if all he has time to do is scour the internet for anything which is negative in any way to the PS3 what a really sad guy he must be.
All his contributions seem devoted to bad mouthing the PS3 get out mate get yourself a life a girl/boyfriend (which ever suits your lifestyle) what a truly SAD GIT YOU ARE.


barom3751d ago

think what he was trying to say was that there wasn't much cooperation between the departments. So the game department didn't know anything about the movie or electronic department. Almost like they were seperate companies.

Now, the current CEO of Sony (Howard Stringer) mentioned this. Though he did say that they are a lot more unified now, which is kinda proven with Blu-Ray funtions for PSP (this would most likely not have happened in the past). Dude became CEO not too long ago so can't expect too much at this point.

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Rattles3753d ago

we heard all this [email protected] with the ps2 i remember getting a ps2 and all you got with it was a couple of movies' sound familiar anyone???

felman873753d ago

It's all opinion. You're free to have one, even if it's [wrong]

Cupid_Viper_33753d ago

lol, im not too sure I got his point, if he even had one. Seems like he countered himself with every other paragraph.

i mean, yes, i can understand how some great things in life happened purely by chance, but to dismiss the success of a console that includes,
--wi-fi, latest gen player(blu ray), remote play with psp, wireless controller with motion sensing, hard drive, optional operating system (linux), web browser, HDMI ports, card reader slots, folding at home, and the latest in computing chip (CELL)-- i mean cmon, dude the only accidental thing here is your article.

to the jury, I rest my case.......

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