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OXCGN’s Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Review: A Louisianian Local Weighs in: Better Than ACIII?


"Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation takes place during the same time frame as Assassin's Creed III (prior to, during, and slightly after the American Revolution), but focuses on a female African assassin named Aveline.

Oh, and it’s in New Orleans, Louisiana, my home State.

Liberation is a complement to the main game, but is a separate, diversified, and arguably better game." (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, PS Vita) 9/10

BadCircuit  +   804d ago
I've got to get a PS Vita now! It looks great. I just needed a good excuse. Now I've got 2: Uncharted and AC!
Akuma-  +   804d ago
i prefer assassins creed 3 liberation on the vita. assassins creed 3 for consoles have higher production quality but i just like assassins creed liberation so much more
rezzah  +   803d ago
Between the two I enjoy conversations between characters in Liberation more than in 3.
CalvinKlein  +   804d ago
I really liked this game. If you get one you should also check out gravity rush and Ragnarök odyssey
shammgod  +   804d ago
Gravity Rush!
REALgamer  +   802d ago
Gravity Rush and Ragnarok Odyssey are FREE for PS Plus in the next update!

Loving Professor Layton on my 3DS, but honestly I've been playing my Vita far more this year. Absolutely no reason not to have a Vita anymore, even taking price into consideration since Vita games are $10-30 cheaper than 3DS games.
NukaCola  +   803d ago
I really love AC3: Liberation but I got hit with that glitch and now my main game save data corrupted on Sequence 6. I have to start all over with already getting 47% of the trophies. Makes me pissed. I love this game minus the terrible puzzles. It's got a great story and great gameplay. I really hope Ubi fixes this by the time I work my way back up to where I was. Man that is a real disappointment.
gaminoz  +   804d ago
A portable game that looks as good as and possibly has a better story than a console game?

Actually there have been a few instances where I've enjoyed portable gaming more. I'm glad this is a more focused game and look forward to playing it.
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LOGICWINS  +   804d ago
Ghost of Sparta for the PSP actually had a better pacing/story than GOW3 IMO.
G20WLY  +   803d ago
I just played that on my Vita and was amazed! This must have been PSP's best looking game, surely? Looked like a new Vita game on that screen and I agree the pacing was very good.

And now I'd like one developed for the Vita please. Get cracking guys :)

AC3L looks very good and I'm looking forward to it!
Proeliator  +   804d ago
Really interesting review... makes me want to go to New Orleans :(
gaminoz  +   804d ago
I've always thought New Orleans had an interesting vibe to it. The closest I've been is the New Orleans Squre at Disneyland :p
BootHammer  +   804d ago
Wow, I'm pumped for this! Vita is finally getting a solid library ;)
Insomnia_84  +   804d ago
Uncharted, Unit 13, Mortal Kombat, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation, Gravity Rush, LBP, COD:BOD, MGS HD Collection.

That's 9 great games plus many others and it keeps getting better!!

Can't wait for Killzone on Vita!

BadCircuit  +   804d ago
I'm not a big Killzone fan, but I hope that it the PS Vita gets more support now from publishers. Hopefully some of these big titles like AC3: Liberation and Call of Duty help sell systems, and therefore get dev support.
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SageHonor  +   803d ago
Dont' forget Persona 4 Golden!
gtr_loh  +   804d ago
The game's alright. Just don't expect a storyline that fills in any of the gaps in AC3. Their stories are completely different; co-existing with each other.
rpd123  +   804d ago
Haha, no. It's an awesome game and a technological marvel for a handheld, but it does get anywhere close to AC3, which has quite a few flaws itself.

Liberation has a terribly choppy and sometimes incoherent plot line. Aveline needs more backstory (probably not to the extent of Connor- playing as his dad for a fourth of the game seems a bit much) and character development. There are some framerate issues and the combat sometimes messes up so you can't counter or you start attacking nothing but end up hitting a guy 10 feet away. The gimmicks like the maze or "reading" letters also serve to detract from the game.

It's a solid game and a simply amazing Vita game, I look forward to more. There's just no way that it can be compared to AC3, they're apples and oranges essentially (I know I just compared them, but still each game judged on it's own, AC3 wins). Hopefully they'll work out the technical issues as they gain more experience working on the Vita. I also hope Aveline is fleshed out a little more if they continue with her (I kind of hope they do).
DrDeath  +   804d ago
Odoylerules000  +   804d ago
"There's just no way that it can be compared to AC3, they're apples and oranges essentially (I know I just compared them, but still each game judged on it's own, AC3 wins)"

At first I was afraid I had somehow become drunk without knowing it but it just turns out that you completely contradicted yourself.....knowingly. Well played. /s
rpd123  +   803d ago
Yes I did. They shouldn't be compared but they inevitably will be because some things like gameplay and story will be fundamentally the same even though other aspects of the game like touch controls won't be. I accept that. And if I were to judge each game on it's own, then AC3 would get a higher score.
ToxicTaco  +   803d ago
Somebody's a prick.
bubblebeam  +   804d ago
Why is everyone praising this one while hating on AC3? Makes no sense.

OT: I have Liberation, and yes it is excellent. For me it is an 8.5. I haven't yet played AC3, but can't understand the hate it is getting. Anyone have any idea?
Blastoise  +   804d ago
From what I've heard about AC3..

The story & ending sucks, it's full of bugs & its a bit too samey to other entries to the franchise.

Never played it myself, but that seems to be the general vibe

maybe it just didn't live up to the hype? It was definitely a super hyped up game
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bubblebeam  +   804d ago
I heard about the bugs. But story wise, Liberation wasn't that great either. It was fairly decent though, especially considering the price.

AC3 was hyped up quite a lot, and I think that is Ubisofts fault. They were getting flak for their annual releases (fairly so), and made out as if this would make things right.

If they didn't stick to their annual release method, I can't help but think AC3 may have had may less bugs, and had better reviews also.
gaminoz  +   804d ago
The naval battles are great though!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   804d ago
How is Aveline personality? Connor is my most hated AC character. I hope she is not naive and childish like him.
BadCircuit  +   804d ago
The review says she can play 3 ways with her background, but yeah Connor was a bit wooden.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   803d ago
Thanks now i really want to get a vita.
Godem  +   803d ago
Good to see the vita getting some new content...
TheDivine  +   803d ago
Theres no way in hell even if pigs are flying that this is better than AC3. Its very impressive for a vita title and a good game in its own right but its not even in the same league as AC3. For one its buggy as shit with a few ways to render the game unplayable. There is barely a story and the characters are not fleshed out at all. In AC3 you meet people, learn about them, go on missions with them, exc. In Liberation it says talk to "X" and "X" will say "Y" needs to die so kill him. Theres hardly any explanation of whats going on and everything is ripped out and miniturized like instead of naval battles there a ship trading minigame which also replaces trade routes. Theres so many missing mechanics and if you play both you realize basically every mission is ripped right from 3 but dumbed down. In both you have to sneak onto 2 ships and blow them up but in Liberation its quicker, easier, less in depth, and less satisfying. Its also much smaller but thats fine as its a handheld game and as such its pretty impressive. The Bayou in Liberation is the highlight of the game and super fun. I was dissapointed that you cant leave New Orleans though (the city itself is walled not other areas). I was expecting to visit plantations and have exciting night missions to free slaves with hounds and people chasing us but theres only one plantation for one mission. I felt like the great setting was wasted on this. AC3 fully realises its characters, setting, story, EVERYTHING. Its one of the best games ive ever played and def the best AC.

Still Lberation is good simple fun and a great foundation for future titles. They need to fix this one before anything though as the game is unplayable right now unless i restart after 15-20 hours with an almost certain guarantee of losing everything again. I dont have the patience to replay all those slow
sections and chase collectibles again. Get AC3 and skip Liberation UNTIL its patched if ever.

AC3 Liberation 7-8 with a strong warning that its broken and will lose your game save

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