Lack of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified’ reviews explained

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified” is just one day away from launch. So where are the reviews for the Playstation Vita exclusive title? Greg Miller of IGN today revealed why his website has not yet review the first-person shooter in addition to urging gamers to “proceed with caution.”

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psp2roundup2221d ago

I think we've already established that the publishers don't want the sub-games (or whatever you want to call them) interfering with the main course, that's despite Need for Speed getting great reviews and AC3 Liberation getting decent reviews and better sales.

smashcrashbash2221d ago

What, did you just make that up or something? Who has established that?

--Onilink--2221d ago

they only thing i believe has been established is that when a publisher does not even send the review copies until the game comes out, its because its a pretty crappy game. And well based on what we have seen so far of this game, i seriously doubt this will be the exception

KonaBro2221d ago

considering the people who have played it saying while it's $10 more then what it should be but still a decent game says you're wrong.

Beetey2221d ago

@KonaBro Everything I've read says it looks terrible so far. The maps are said to be WAY to small, even for the 4v4 (or whatever ridiculous number it is).

Tapewurm2221d ago

@Onilink happy to say that from the 4 plus hours I have put in with Black Ops Declassified that this game is an exception. The online was full last voting, perks, kill streaks....a true mini console version of COD...the campaign operations are set up to be quick missions that are perfect for a handheld as well as the time trial wave mode....wish it was zombies, but it is more a kin to modern warfare's surviving the waves of enemies deal. I am sure it will get dinged hard by the "real" reviewers out there for some reason or another, but I was pleasantly surprised with this....CoD in your pocket and on the go....nice.

Tapewurm2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Meant to call that wave mode "Hostiles" mode (not time trial...that's another mode altogether)....tired lol

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SilentNegotiator2221d ago

Greg Miller? Proceed with Caution if he reviews it.

He crapped all over LBP Karting....go read the review and pretend that it's a review of Mario Kart 7. You could almost forget it wasn't a review for MK7. He complains about the EXACT things present in MK7 and somehow comes to a 5/10.

If IGN never reviews it, nothing will be lost but a heavily bias review.

WalterWJR2221d ago

Gregg is nothing more than a puppet on strings, woven into the shape of an Xbox.

NonApplicable2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )


I didn't know Walter Jr. was also mentally handicapped.

GribbleGrunger2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

'Gregg is nothing more than a puppet on strings, woven into the shape of an Xbox.'

That's such a messed up train wreck of mixed metaphors, it's almost genius!

Soldierone2220d ago

Ubisoft was really kind with Liberation. They felt it was a good game and so did the reviewers. They had them sent out almost as soon as requested.

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Akuma-2221d ago

im glad about this actually and would love it if all games were like this where a game would mostly need word of mouth and a few previews. major reviewers have a stranglehold on the gaming industry and sales most times and a lot of them need to go. id love sequels to a lot of games but sales were hurt by reviews. i cant tell the last time ive played or seen a game that warrants less than a 6 out of 10. most games cant be a 10 and most dont deserve it but a game should be pass a 5 if its playable with tight controls, good enough graphics and some semblance of a story or point to gameplay

Cocozero2221d ago

Well if other Vita games are anything to go by the reviews will range from 4-7/10.

cpayne932221d ago

Eh... If they still haven't sent out review copies yet, that probably isn't a good sign.

swansong2221d ago

IGN will give it a 1-4out of 10. IGN is worthless for vita reviews,so look to other sites for that. Sony has not been catering to ign.