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How Capcom’s Remember Me deviates from the traditional western formula

Oprainfall writes: "Lately, western game development has become nigh synonymous with muscular males, generic space marines, excessive amounts of blood and gore, and stagnated game mechanics. The France-based independent game studio Dontnod aims to battle these stereotypes head-on with their new Capcom-published game, Remember Me." (Capcom, DONTNOD Entertaiment, PC, PS3, Remember Me, Xbox 360)

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Tales RPG addict  +   711d ago
Good cause the western Video Game Industry is going to end up worse than the Japanese.
Somebody  +   711d ago
Please don't make such a bold claim, journalists. You can accuse western game development is full of marines and blood but I could say those are their identity. From what I've read in the article (hand to hand combat, stealth, amnesiac protagonist) Remember Me doesn't stray much from the rest of the industry. It only mixes up some elements to make look/feel much more unique. I do remember the No One Lives Forever, by a US-based company I believe, series and one particular article about how some gamers returned the second one to the store simply because they were uncomfortable shooting at women in multiplayer.

America has its blood thirsty marines, Japan has its gun/sword totting school girls and Europe has it army of deadly women (Tomb Raider, X Blade, Oni, Mirror's Edge to name a few). Each region has its stereotypes/identity.

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