Which Wii U is right for you?

Post Arcade writes:

When Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Wii U arrives on store shelves this Sunday, prospective buyers will be faced with two choices: the $299.99 Basic Set and a $349.99 Deluxe Set.

This is a new tactic for Nintendo, which in previous generations has gone to great lengths to offer a single skew of living room hardware (differences in colour notwithstanding).

Now that consumers have a choice, they need to figure out which Wii U best suits their needs.

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Akuma-1892d ago

none. my opinion. its late to the party and trying to do what hd console have been doing already this gen.

Y_51501892d ago

You cannot be so wrong. The Wii is awesome and based on the Wii U that I tried out at Gamestop; It's also FUN and AWESOME!

PopRocks3591892d ago


Normally I'd say you're entitled to your opinion, but when you back it up with the same tired old misinformation that trolls love spewing around here, I'll simply respond with a "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out."

Deku-Johnny1891d ago

You mean it's early to the party, it's the first and only 8th gen console for one or two years.

Y_51501892d ago

I do not like neither because I'm being nitpicky on the colors. I would love a deluxe edition having a white color Wii U.

Smashbro291891d ago

I'm with ya, but I got the black one anyhow, just a better deal.

ThePsychoGamer1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

A hacked one, so I don't have to deal with Nintendo's BS when I import games.

OneAboveAll1891d ago

The one that's the cheapest?

Nicaragua1891d ago

the black one, because its black.

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The story is too old to be commented.