Black Ops 2: Gamers claim they got early copies

Gamers have told Newsbeat they've managed to get copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 more than a week before its release.

The title is not due out until 13 November but on Friday three gamers showed Newsbeat copies of the game which they claimed were genuine.

They also said they knew a lot of people who already had it.

It's also been reported that it's become available to illegally download via torrent sites.

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Soldierone1296d ago

All this means is being in the top of the leader boards is near impossible since all of them are probably playing the game 24/7....


have that ever been possible?

Soldierone1296d ago

Not for me, closest I got was top 10-5k in MW2 lol

irepbtown1296d ago

Closest I got was with MW2 (just under 100,000). I got to rank 70 (or whatever it was) in like a day. Great game, but after a few months I got bored.

The only way you can be top is if you hack. Even then you wont manage to get to number 1.

Jobesy1296d ago

Top spots are either hackers or a group of people that share an account and play 24/7.

StanLee1296d ago

165 in Dom in MW3. Still about 4000 and I haven't played in 3 months.

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AusRogo1296d ago

Even if they didn't get it early they would still play it 24/7.. I came across people with 4 days game time on Halo 4 last night!

transamdude951296d ago

Games always get out early. I got COD early the last two years by at least a week. There were thousands online playing already when I first put the disc in and most of them were terrible. Someone else getting the game early should have no impact on your enjoyment of the game, since your situation would be the same whether they got it early or not.

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rajman1296d ago

ALl that fuss because some got it 4 days early? I had it 8 days before release :-)

SAE1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

who cares about leaderboards , it's not like you are playing gt5 ....

the length of playing or the kill numbers or wins doesn't make you the best player , there are others who play really good and doesn't care about these leaderboards ..

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