Nintendo Wii U Will Sell Out, Sell Faster Than Wii

Forbes writes: "Nintendo had a smash hit on its hands when it released the Wii game console back in 2006. Now it’s getting ready to release a long-awaited followup, and analysts say the new hardware will sell even faster."

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The_Infected1803d ago

I wonder if they will outsell the Next box and PS4? I can't wait to see the other next gen consoles I know that:)

Moonman1803d ago

That question will take years to answer. But I wouldn't bet against Nintendo if I were betting right this moment.

Army_of_Darkness1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

"Nintendo Wii U Will Sell Out, Sell Faster Than Wii"

Do they think people are just getting dumb and dumber or something??
people and friends I know who bought a wii console used it for the first month or so then just left it to gather dust and end up buying a PS3 or 360 to play real games. So I'm sure most people will be a little more cautious on their purchase the second time around..

BattleAxe1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Well I was in BestBuy yesterday, and you couldn't really tell that Nintendo is getting ready to sell a new console. There were two signs in the Wii section advertising the WiiU, and one of them was laying on the floor. There are no pre-order cards for any WiiU games, and theres very little shelf space allocated for anything WiiU related. Has anyone else noticed this in their local stores?

attilayavuzer1803d ago

I actually forgot Nintendo was putting out a new console soon. Hard for me to feel like there's anything more substantial than average hype for it. Especially compared to the original Wii launch. Everyone was clawing to be part of what they thought was Nintendo revolutionizing gaming again. Not feeling that same excitement at all this time around.

Neonridr1802d ago

clearly your Best Buy is behind on the times. Our Best Buy has a whole demo kiosk set up with game boxes all over the place. Also our EB Games (Gamestop down in the US) have demo units to try out as well.

Sucks for your Best Buy I guess..

Blastoise1803d ago

I don't think the Wii U will sell as much as the Wii.

Not because the Wii U is bad, it's just the Wii sold like hot cakes.

But who knows? this is Nintendo after all. If there's one thing they do right it's selling their consoles

DA_SHREDDER1803d ago

WiiU won next gen. Confirmed. LOL!

princejb1341803d ago

just to let you know a console doesnt really win
the gamers are the ones that win with all the great games that are offered on all systems

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

If casual gamers don't buy then wiiU won't be as successful as wii imo.

seriously every acts like it was the core gamers who made the wii such a hit. No.

Also I would hate to be a core gamer if the mostly means mario, pikmen etc.. Zelda is reasonable but still not much mature games from nintendo since ever.

ps4 on the other hand? No doubt.

oh yeah imo & based on history.

ninjabake1803d ago

This simple mindedness is pretty funny. Look, a game doesn't have to be "mature" to be good. You may be only interested in those kinda games but that doesn't mean others wont like a "less mature" game. Gaming isn't about proving your maturity or manhood thru what games you play anyway, its about being entertained and whatever that game is (be it rated E-M) if its what floats your boat then that's all that matters.

N4g_null1803d ago

If nintendo ever figures out how to upscale old wii games then you would realize you don't even have to buy a Mario or Zelda to have fun on the wii.

I find mature games boring. The stories are too safe. The interaction is not even worth it most of the time. No replay value.

Also my wii game library can not even be purchased in most stores. A few of these game sold more than 10 million copies to 5 million copies. People still play lots of these games too.

I already have two wiius paid for.
Zombi u
Ninja gaiden
Ray man
N land
Project cars
Black ops

Looking forward to the next
Next smash bros
Next Mario kart
Next metriod
Next grasshopper
Next treasure
Want to see advance wars on the wiiu!

Some of the more radical game pad uses have not been shown also.

I'm really excited about ms surface also and win 8 is ready for console use.
I really hope the next Xbox is like surface with the whole system being a tablet local cloud setup.

I have an over spec pc with a six core i7 and 64+ gigs of ram. I'm not excited about the promise of power. I'm looking forward to a return of the arcade.

jukins1803d ago

lol i know ppl hate this kind of thing but i have 3 preordered in hopes that it sells like wii did at its launch. extra money should make for a good christmas for my kids.

majiebeast1803d ago

1 thing its missing is hype to me it doesnt feel like a console launch i havent seen 1 wiiu commercial and not that much coverage from gaming websites.

admiralvic1803d ago

I've seen a few, but they're uncommon and not geared towards core gamers. Also it's hard to cover the Wii U since so many of the titles are ports. Do you really need to read why Darksiders 2 is better with the game pad?

ronin4life1803d ago

Most core gamers(i really dislike those terms) go to places like this and get the exposure necessary to decide from there. They don't need commercials for such things.

admiralvic1803d ago

@ Ronin4life

Wow, way to miss the point. By that I meant the core demographic was less likely to view it. If they wanted to market to mothers, it will be on during reality tv shows. If they wanted to market to guys looking for fun, perhaps during a football game. If they wanted to market towards kids, they will appear during cartoons.

Ad's exist, I found them uncommon and this is most likely because im not in the demographic. But feel free to argue the your irrelevant point, I am sure many will agree with you regardless.

Neonridr1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

so many of the titles are ports. Really? Do we have to go through this again? There are 31 launch titles including the eShop games. How many are considered 'old' ports? AC3 comes out 2 weeks later, Black Ops 2 comes out 5 days later. So what do we have left that's considered an "older" port? Batman, ME3, Darksiders 2, Fifa 13, Madden 13 and Tekken. Where do you get Most when we are talking about less than a quarter of the games.. ???

dasbeer881803d ago

-Waits six months later-

oh look, the Wii U price went down by $50!! Still I'm not buying it since it's an overpriced hardware.

nypifisel1803d ago

Really? So I take it you wont buy any next gen console then. Cause it wont get any cheaper than Wii U

dasbeer881803d ago

Knowing how overpriced this generation consoles and most likely next generation consoles and GAMES will be, I have no interest in them at all. At most, I'll probably borrow or go to a friend's house if there is a game that interest me.

Realplaya1803d ago

I bet you $500.00 bucks that price doesn't drop in 6 months.

nypifisel1802d ago

At least you're being consistent then! Which is way more than what could be said for many others! I respect that

jmc88881802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Actually it's not. You're getting far more than an ipad or iphone 5 (which will be outdated with the 5S coming in a few months, next spring).

The dollar is worth 75 percent less than it was when the Wii came out, which really means you're getting the Wii U at a cheaper price point than the Wii was. Just the numbers are bigger because of inflation/dollar devaluation.

On top of this Nintendo won't cut the price for a while, it's already been stated. It's selling out and will be for many months, so why lower the price of something you're selling out? It won't have a price decrease until the PS4 or 720 come out. Even then I'd suspect they'll wait until after that holiday season, so like spring of the next year. So if the 720 comes out Nov 2013, then don't expect a price drop on the Wii U until spring 2014. Even then, the 720 might take longer than that to come out, so Nintendo isn't going to be dropping the price anytime soon. Be prepared to wait.

What's funny is you're knocking extreme value. You're getting a new system, with a revolutionary gamepad for $299 or $349. Again, about 1/2 the price of a iPhone 5, which is almost outdated as production on the iphone 5S starts in January.

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