GameSpot's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Updated Hands-On

GameSpot recently had a chance to visit EA Mythic's offices in Fairfax, Virginia, to check out never-before-seen aspects of Warhammer Online, including a first glimpse at the high elves and dark elves as well as large-scale, region-versus-region combat.

In earlier previews of Warhammer Online, the elves were nowhere to be found, mainly because that part of the game wasn't ready yet. Now it is, and as creative director Paul Barnett explained, the elves' conflict will revolve around the idea of civil war. Basically, in the distant past of 10,000 years ago, the elves all lived peacefully in the region of Althouwan. However, a schism occurred where the dark elves were sent into exile. Because elves can basically live forever, the dark elves have been nursing a grudge for a very long time. Now they're launching an invasion of Althouwan, landing their gigantic black arks -- huge floating cities -- on the shore and disgorging armies of warriors, hydras, harpies, and even some dragons.

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