Shoot People as Bobby Kotick Tomorrow In This Free Online Game To Celebrate Black Ops II

Kotaku - Tomorrow, you can play the new Call of Duty. Separately, you will also be able to play as Bobby Kotick, chief of CoD publisher Activision, in the free (well, mostly free) online shooter Offensive Combat.

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Cam9772142d ago ShowReplies(1)
MysticStrummer2142d ago

Gah. Someone had to go and remind me that Bobby Kotick exists. BO2 will be the first CoD I've bought since [email protected] and I'd rather not think about contributing to that jackass's bank account while I play it.

ANIALATOR1362142d ago

I think people would rather shoot Bobby Kotick

ab5olut10n2142d ago

Will we be able to loot the corpses afterwards?