Tom's Games: Top 10 Games To Watch For 2008

Now that 2007 is well behind, it's time to look at the top games scheduled for release in 2008. In putting a list together of the 10 most anticipated games for this year, Tom's Games (of Tom's Hardware) looked at each title's pedigree, including the developer talent and track record as well as previous titles if the game is a sequel. Of course, hype played a big factor - does the game have a playable demo? Has it been shown at conventions and trade shows? Does it look polished enough for release this year. Tom's Games also examined the platforms and sales potential for each title. For example, title A may be released on three or four platforms and take in more sales, while title B may only be released on one platform but if it dominates that particular platform, then it may rank higher on the list; then again, depending on the platform, title B may not. Here's a quick look at 10 top shelf titles scheduled to launch this year.

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sonarus3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

well everyone is entitled to their own top 10 but mgs4 at number 9 sorta bothers me,but like i said everyone is entitled to their own decision. However when he says downside for mgs4 being since its a ps3 exclusive its subject to a narrow audience. MGS4 will more than likely outsell half of those games on the list. Ps3 is at 10 million usurs thats no longer a narrow audience plus by the end of the yr that number is expected to double. Why is everyone trying to look the other way at MGS4 jst because its exclusive to ps3. I know its jealousy but common. Not kojima's fault that 360 wasnt suitable for his vision geez. I am a playstation fan who was almost swayed to the competition by the excellent titles from last yr. bioshock, mass effect, saints row, dead rising it was like every month there was a game to play while my ps3 was almost rotting. I remember when callin all cars was the hot item on ps3 sad sad times. But i held on tight for the light at the end of the tunnel was worth all that waiting. The chance to see mgs4. If mgs4 had come to 360 i would have probably sold my ps3 and be regretting it now

DRUDOG3688d ago

Sonarus took the words right out of my mouth. As soon as I saw MGS 4 at #9 I almost stopped right there, but I soldiered on and got through it :P To each their own in terms of taste, but there are a few glaring ommissions not to mention the fact that RE5 and Starcraft probably won't be making it in '08. Where's GT5? Where's LBP? This list seems to try and have something for everyone, but two RTS's and no racing games or RPGs? Lame...

BTW who the hell is Tom anyhow?!? I need to get into this surfer girl, snowshoe dude or Tom gig and start blowing everyone's mind with my insights and gaming tastes!

IzKyD13313688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

StarCraft II at number 1?
LMAO! you barely hear about that game (thats because not alot of people give a damn)
and starwars the force unleashed shouldnt be near that list, the person who made this is going by his own personal likings rather than going with the facts.....and MGS4 at number 9 bothers me too, its should ATLEAST be in the top 3, almost everyone i know who bought a ps3 bought it because of MGS4

ktchong3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

StarCraft is the national religion of South Korea.

As far as I know, Metal Gear Solid has not reached that status in any country.

StarCraft has ONE game (two if you count the expansion,) but that one game alone most likely outsold the entire Metal Gear Solid series, all games combined.

wallace10003688d ago

I am trying to think of one guy i know that hasn't played starcraft and i can't think of one. Starcraft was huge, people still play it. Starcraft 2 will be awesome. I would have picked Starcraft 2 and Fallout 3 to be on that list forsure and they were. If Fallout 2 hadn't been buggy as hell it would have be perfect, instead it was just awesome.

INehalemEXI3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Metal Gear Franchise is at #37 on the top selling game franchises list and Star Craft is at #85

power of Green 3688d ago

Use to play Metal Gear back in the 80's whats your point?. Should I be looking forward to Mario over other games because of that list you posted this year?.

Xbox is the BEST3688d ago

MGS2 7 million sold
MGS3 3.9 million sold

ngg123453688d ago

MGS2 was what? One of the top 10 best selling games last generations. If that isn't a system seller what is. I mean honestly, so what if there huge amount of ps2's, there billions of pc's. Doesn't mean a game like starcraft, WoW, are not a big game.

Now with killzone 2, and rfom 2. Why are those games not anticipated? IT won more awards than any game on xbox 360 that is exclusive this year. So should any of those games be hyped. RFOM 2 is the sequel to the best selling ps3 game. Should that be hyped?

Come on hre.

led10903688d ago

the original starcraft sold more than 12 million copies more than any individual metal gear game....if u think its not gonna sell well.....then go ahead...enjoy ur dream

wallace10003687d ago

Plus Starcraft was so easy to burn, i think 6 or 8 of us had it from one disc. Plus as was said earlier, MGS has those sales over different games.

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Archaeox3688d ago

LittleBigPlanet, KZ2, and Resistance 2 should have been there

LBP is a new genre!

ktchong3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

"Tom's Games looked at each title's pedigree, including the developer talent and track record..."

BOTH the Killzone series and its developer Guerilla have a HORRIBLE track record. There is nothing in their history that suggests Killzone 2 will be a good game other than being just very pretty.

"... as well as previous titles if the game is a sequel."

The first Resistance game is average or above average but nothing spectacular or earthshaking.

Marceles3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Resistance is very underrated and the media pretty much killed the game with Gears/Resistance comparisons up the was just unfairly reviewed since it didnt look like the Killzone 2 trailer

I agree with the Guerilla track record aren't everything, but they showed like they're getting a little on the right track on the gameplay side with Killzone Liberation on PSP

sonarus3688d ago

I agree not all ps3 games must appear on top 10 if not the list will be dominated by ps3 but if we took a count of most anticipated titles by gamers half of those titles wnt make it. This is more of a pc gamers list. Everyone is entitled to their own top 10

power of Green 3688d ago

MGS has a niche colt following its nothing great MGS3 sold what 7 million(some say 3 and a half million) when many people already owned the PS2. Dam wasn't there 120 million PS2 owners. Its up to you how you wan't to divid up the numbers and then take the current size of the fanbase into account and add a few that will actually spend $400 to play Metal Gear.

Archaeox3688d ago

Ok maybe not KZ2, but resistance 2 without a doubt

I mean it has 60 player online 8 player coop and two full campaigns, that should at LEAST be 10

sonarus3688d ago

dnt you ever give up man. Every 360 owner has yelled mgs4 is coming to 360 because they want it. MGS series has always been great regardless of sales and the sales have been there as well. I agree not everyone is super psyched about mgs4 as i am but if you were given the chance to play it will you turn away. Common man dnt kid yourself. If you can honestly tell me no (and be man enough to say no and not jst anonymously disagree so you dnt look like a fool) you wouldnt play then there is no need for me to say anymore. You are a lost cause who will be missing out on one of the greatest games of 2008

ngg123453688d ago

it was on msnbc top 10 games to watch for, killzone 2. I guess they are die hard fanboys. :)

wageslave3687d ago

LBP is a platform game. With a level editor.

A new genre? No.

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avacadosnorkel3688d ago

Translation: Tom is an XBOX owner

PirateThom3688d ago

Blatantly obvious too.

Halo Wars
Downside: Being an XBox 360 exclusive will give it a narrow audience

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Downside: Being a Wii exclusive will give it a narrow audience

ktchong3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Actually, the author Rob Wright owns every console that has ever existed including those from before he was born, that includes the very first Atari. He said so himself in a video.

i.e., He has a weekly webcast called "Second Take" in which he talks about video games.

avacadosnorkel3688d ago

what are you trying to be a smartass?

He's not one of the Wright Brothers.

They invented the airplane...

I own video games too. He doesn't impress me.

Phytonadione3688d ago

looking at his list and comments, I would assume that he is a PC gamer first and a PS3 hater second. Placing MGS4 in 9th place isn't my biggest objection to the list, but rather the games he chose to put ahead of it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of PC games (a former die hard of RTS games) but I am very aware of the popularity of PC gaming versus console gaming and have to disagree with a list that is supposedly a list of the top 10 games to watch for that is populated with PC/PC eccentric games. Just my $.02.

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Marceles3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

looks alot like a PC gamers list more than a 2008 list despite having a couple of console games...

funkeystu3688d ago

there were 5 games for ps3, 5 for 360 and 4 for the PC, I'm not sure how this translates to PC-centricism but whatever, its just an opinion anyway.