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The single-player campaign will feature two connected storylines, one set in the 1970s through 1980s and the other in 2025. The protagonist of Black Ops, Alex Mason returns as the protagonist in the Cold War section, where he will be fighting in proxy wars for the United States in the Cold War.

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Jobesy1740d ago

Yup many EA fanboys will be miserable trolls as BO2 starts pulling in 9s +.

kingmushroom1740d ago

Troll tears! Get them while they're fresh! Lol

3GenGames1740d ago

EA fanboys? Just because people speak the truth makes them automatic game AND company fanboys?


xJumpManx1740d ago

EA fanboys and PS3 owners. They both seem to equally get irritated with COD.

ninjagoat1740d ago

Well as long as your not comparing this to bf3 on pc ;).

RSPproductionz1740d ago

I love the way they added in a secret "snake" feature. They knew about this "glitch" on Black Ops but chose to leave it in for the lols.

Treyarc be trolling!

Awesome_Gamer1740d ago

EA/Battlefield Fanoys?
I hate CoD, Battlefield and MoH, i hate generic multiplayer-based military shooters, all of them.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I don't take allegiance to any game company but I know when I see crap. Not even fresh crap, dried up waiting to turn to dust.

Tapewurm1740d ago

@xJumpManx .. PS3/Vita owner here....was out at midnight launch with several of my PS3 ONLY having friends and we all love the new CoD.....I am actually very impressed with the Vita version as well.....played it's multiplayer and other modes last night and it is a pleasant surprise. It will probably get blasted for some reason or another by jaded reviewers, but I really enjoyed the 4 or so hours I put in on it last night before I crashed.

Sony3601739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Gamespot gave it an 8, but hurray for it getting a 9 from...who?

Note: 8 isn't a bad score, I just think your knee jerk reaction warranted it pointing out.

I wish people would just accept it's the same thing again with a new coat of paint.

Still, Activision has your money again and we all lose when the cost of games goes up. I refuse to pay for COD until they stop being so greedy, which will never happen because you guys will pay for anything that they put out every year.

Guess this negativity makes me an automatic fanboy of some rival company, right?

Nope. EA can suck a fat one as well, but that's irrelevant here and you're dumb if you bring them up.

R6ex1739d ago

Better save your money for Crysis 3!

I'm skipping BO2.

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Nimblest-Assassin1740d ago

Its funny because apparently the story for black ops 2 is being done by David S Goyer... who also did Dark knight rises

1740d ago
Nimblest-Assassin1740d ago


I love this review... especially the story section of it

cyclonus0071740d ago

He co-wrote Batman Begins, and got co-story credit on Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. He also wrote the Blade Trilogy (even directed the last one so make of that what you will) and did the story for the first Black Ops which exists I'll give him that. I'm sure the papers he turned in for that game felt, looked, and were the proper length that a script is supposed to be.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231740d ago

Pre-Loaded and waiting on midnight for game to unlock.


lilbrat231740d ago

I give the game a 7, way too many issues and once again spawning is ridiculous.

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MrAnderson1740d ago

I wish reviewers would make it clear if they're reviewing the campaign or the multiplayer. I don't think i've played a COD campaign since cod 4, i'll at least check out BO2's campaign since it looks like some works actually gone into it for once, but i'm most deffinantly interested in the multiplayer over campaign...

admiralvic1740d ago

any reviewer that focuses on the multiplayer (unless it only has MP) isn't someone you should trust.

The MP is vastly different based off the people you play with, what type of guns are "overpowered", how others play and other such things. It's hardly a fixed experience like the campaign would be, plus it will always be changing. As people level they will unlock different abilities, so they may or may not be cheaper. Broken weapons will be discovered. Online servers might lag, etc.

Sony3601739d ago

It's funny that each game has a completely new campaign, but people are only paying for a slightly re-hashed multiplayer.

I hope you don't like any of the maps from previous games, because they'll expect you to pay for them again.

Blues Cowboy1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Sigh, was excited until I realised it was Golden4Games. This site is one of the least legit in the business - seriously, half of that review literally makes no sense, and it's not all even in the same language (same as the Resi and MoH Warfighter reviews, which all came out as 'first' reviews).

Think I might hold off for some more reviews.

nutcrackr1740d ago

Pretty much this, don't click on the link people

guitarded771740d ago

I still have it pre-ordered, and don't really care about reviews, but you're right. This is one of the poorest written reviews I've ever seen. I can certainly understand English not being their first language, but the number of grammar errors in the first paragraph alone make it akin to deciphering a cryptoquiz in the Sunday paper. If that wasn't bad enough, the criteria their rating system takes into account is crazy weird... I mean AI as a section unto itself? AI is important, but it can fall under programming. And what the hell is "game age" and why does it get a 9.5 for this mysterious category? I hope the game is great and all, but this review is not good at all.

MattS1740d ago

And apparently English is the only language that exists.

The reason it makes no sense, kiddo, is because the translator is bad:

I'm sure it makes perfect sense in the language the review was actually written in.

In other news Famitsu is a terrible magazine because it uses funny little pictures rather than English letters.

MattS1740d ago

Go and check the website, and if the URL has /en in it, remove those characters.

The actual website is in Arabic or Farsi. They clearly have a (very badly) working internal translator for English-speaking markets. That's why Google Translate thinks is an English website.

In fact, the without the /en appears to be Arabic, according to Google Translate.

ExCest1740d ago


I didn't realize a Japanese magazine wasn't in English.

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MattS1740d ago

It's a translation from either Arabic or Farsi. That's why it makes little sense. Golden4Games is clearly not an English-speaking website.

Which makes the review next to useless for western gamers, yes, I agree. But since when the fuck does a website have to be in English to be "legit?" Unless you can read Farsi or Arabic you have absolutely no idea whether those reviews are quality or not.

Hey boys the earth is the centre of the universe too!.

CoLD FiRE1740d ago

I can confirm that Golden4Games is indeed in Arabic and I can also confirm that it's a crappy website! Don't click on the link, I read some of the reviews and most of the writing is recycled.

MattS1740d ago

@CoLD FiRE - you can read Arabic? Neat. Thanks for clarifying. I'm content to take your word for it.

Hasanhastam1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Im playing leaked game and it is awesome one new thing that treyarch added is offline multiplayer with bots that is great!

MetalProxy1740d ago

offline MP bots? sweet. I have a good friend that will enjoy that, thanks!