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Talking Point: Life Without Wii U Achievements

When 3DS was announced, achievement-hungry gamers wondered whether the new handheld would start a new era of rewards in Nintendo games, but once again a standardised system feature was missed out. The StreetPass Mii Plaza has its own achievements, while titles such as Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising and others have included their own incentives, all isolated to the individual titles. Wii U brought renewed hope, with supposedly leaked details laying the ground for an accomplishment system; yet those that follow Nintendo closely — and more importantly listen to the words of its most senior executives — would have still had doubts. And so it's transpired, that despite all of the online functionality that it's bringing with the Nintendo Network ID and Miiverse, Wii U won't include trophies or achievements. At least, not for now.

Nintendo Life considers today's news that achievements won't feature, at a system level, on Wii U. (3DS, Industry, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

Neonridr  +   1027d ago
That doesn't mean forever. It just means they aren't available at launch. Remember it wasn't until almost 2 years later that the PS3 added trophy support to their system.
DiGiTaL  +   1027d ago
Hopefully they add something similar since we all know some devs will end up being lazy and not adding them per game. Which kind of sucks since it can boost replay value.
Seth1533  +   1026d ago
I think MiiVerse will be the system they use. So you can share high scores, screenshots, etc at any time... that is actually a little cooler I think. It's more like showing off in old school World of Warcraft. Instead of a screenshot of downed Ragnaros, you will have screenshots of a downed Bowser or Ganon. Outside of that, you could post your high score from a Mario challenge or the achievements that developers do add to games. Seems pretty cool to me, but I guess we will all know shortly :-)
quantae06  +   1027d ago
YES!! The achievement system gets annoying & people seem to want to achieve them too often without just having fun & beating a game. Plus achievements are pointless without some kind of reward. You should get a free UNO, Tetris game or something for a certain amount of points. To receive achievements with no award is no fun. What do I get from the acheivements, nothing. GTFO!! :D
Nevers0ft  +   1027d ago
We already know Nintendo doesn't particularly like the idea of system-wide achievements but they might get included eventually. Miiverse seems to support announcing achievements, just not listing/tracking them.

If Nintendo do introduce this eventually, hopefully they wont be mandatory... Some of the achievements on 360 are just silly time-wasters and clearly there just for padding.
millzy102  +   1026d ago
achievments dont add replay value. a good game adds replay value that's why I still play silent hill 1 and mgs on ps1. a shit game is still a shit game and I don't replay just for trophie/achievments. personaly this is a lame excuse to keep on playing a game. I'm not bothered either way as I don't horde them on my ps3. I play games for fun not for my digital ego.
GameLord08  +   1026d ago
With Miiverse as an actively social game diary, an achievements system on the Wii U is primitively redundant. Achievements have become one of the most shallow system integrations in gaming, and are now tactical diversions. If you're truly set on sharing in-game achievements, use an interactive gaming community network. Miiverse is perfect.
Technical World  +   1026d ago
I never saw the point in them really, on my PS3 at least they don't do anything and I could care less about them, don't know if it's different on the 360 but I could care less how many trophies I have.

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