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Submitted by GreenRanger 1184d ago | news

[Update] Vita Playstation All-Stars Purchase Does NOT Earn you The PS3 Version Free We received an official response from SCEA PR: "If you purchase the PS3 version of the game (at retail or digitally) you get a digital copy of the PS Vita version at no additional cost. It does not work in the opposite direction" (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

Rockefellow  +   1184d ago
Edit: Nevermind, just saw the confused PR email. How silly.
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jujubee88  +   1184d ago
SCEA and SEN are going at PS+ great, but listen to this pitch..
I already wrote in that article, but if you ask me here is what you do:

-Keep cross-buy for PS3 heavy consumers who own a VITA. (Get a PS3 game, be it digital or retail, and get digital version on VITA for free)

-Entice VITA owners and that primary audience to get a PS3 by offering a free PS3 version of a cross-buy game SO LONG as that VITA owner has PS+ and a digital version of that cross-bought game.

-If you get the VITA version at retail, you get two online passes (instead of one) for the game.

Anyone else agree with these moves?
admiralvic  +   1184d ago
It should stay as is, since it makes the most sense.

Vita is portable, so I rather have a digital copy for free than hard (lets assume you can't sell it / give the hard copy to a friend for sake of argument).
PS3 works both ways, so you have the choice of hard or digital.
DL games can be downloaded by anyone with a vita. So many places have free wifi that you can easily just walk to a place to download your game.
The PS3 version costs more, so people that want both can just purchase the PS3 version. In fact you can sell the PS3 version and get the Vita version for 20 if the DL version works like a online voucher (even if it has to be redeemed in game).

With this being said, why do you want to add so much red tape to this process? I mean seriously, we have a simple choice atm. Buy the more expensive version and get both or buy the cheaper one, but you want to force people to buy plus, worthless online passes (most go unused and many others get sold), or something else.
SilentNegotiator  +   1183d ago
So spending $40 doesn't get you the $60 version free?!?


GribbleGrunger  +   1184d ago
Wait... I see no confusion here at all. It clearly states that if you buy the PS3 version you get the Vita version and if you buy the Vita version you get the PS3 version? Am I missing something?
Rockefellow  +   1184d ago
You don't get the PS3 version for buying the Vita version. The person who sent that in an email was confused or something. It makes sense; why would anyone buy the $60 PS3 version if they could grab the Vita one for $20 less?
GribbleGrunger  +   1184d ago
Ah, Thanks for putting this fool right :)
wastedcells  +   1184d ago
Your right that's how cross play works... Buy the PS3 version get the vita version free. It's a vita promotion not a PS3 promotion lmao. People actually think they could have got the $40 vita game and get the ps3 game free lol.
SandWitch  +   1184d ago
It was obvious from the very start.

Vita version is only 40 bucks compared to 60 dollar PS3 version.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1184d ago
People get confused easily.
If in doubt google it.
porkChop  +   1184d ago
Sony already said that Cross Buy only works when buying the PS3 version, so that guy clear doesn't know what he's talking about.
lodossrage  +   1184d ago
lol people would have bought the Vita version in droves if that were the case is it would be the lesser costing of the two.

The Cross buy was always promoted as buying the PS3 version of a game gets you the Vita version, not the other way around like this guy was saying.
dafegamer  +   1184d ago
How would it even work? It wouldnt make any sense
Godchild1020  +   1184d ago

The game is tied to your account. So, you should be using the same account on your PS3 as you are on your Vita.
admiralvic  +   1184d ago
Well to be fair, if you buy 1 you get the other for just about everything else. The only difference being the others cost exactly the same, but people tend to overlook that stuff. With this being said, I think we can all agree this article is pretty pointless.

Sony said the PS3 version was the only cross buy version. The Vita version costs less. etc.
moodgamer  +   1184d ago
What is the problem? They never said that. They always mention that if you bought a PS3 version of a crossbuy game youll get for free the PSVITA version. Nothing new here.
spok22  +   1184d ago
well not in all cases.. I bought sound shapes and when vikings attack on vita and i got the ps3 versions free.
lodossrage  +   1184d ago
Those aren't retail games though. Which is why it works with those. You can even do that with Motorstorm RC, Zen Pinball, and few others that aren't retail.

This guy is under the assumption he can get a retail Vita version and get the higher priced PS3 version free.
admiralvic  +   1184d ago
@ Lodossrage

Those games cost the same, thats the difference. It has nothing to do with where you got it, it's just the simple fact they cost exactly the same lol.
lodossrage  +   1184d ago
Considering the retail ones actually cost more, it sort of does have something to do with how it's obtained.
Hicken  +   1184d ago
If you could go into a store and buy any of the games lodoss mentioned, then that'd be one thing, but that's definitely not the case.
Hanso  +   1184d ago
I think most of us who will buy the vita version know this already
Gamesgbkiller  +   1184d ago
Yup ... we knew that ( or me )

Because owners of Vita don't own PS3 .. Vise versa maybe
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smashcrashbash  +   1184d ago
What craziness. Just imagine if I buy a VITA version I get the more expensive version for free. I know people have lost faith in Sony's business skills but even they would know that doesn't make any sense.
Kingthrash360  +   1184d ago
This is one of thos WTF articles, pure trash + stupidity. I just read the title and knew it was trash.
Obnoxious_Informer  +   1183d ago
That's not exactly fair. If you read the article, the author is just reporting a bit of a WTF comment made by a Sony rep, that told us otherwise. It's not like anyone every assumed/thought the Vita version entitled them to the PS3 version.
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Blankman85  +   1184d ago
Neither are unlikely to set charts ablaze so might as well make cross buy both ways.
GraveLord  +   1184d ago
Common sense. Sony isn't stupid.
Rikuson1  +   1184d ago
When i first read this i thought it was talking about cross save and that if you unlock trophies on the Vita version it wouldn't carry over the the Ps3 version i was like wtf? Then i read it more clear ohh.. this shit. I knew about this anyone who thought they could save $60 is dumb. Your already saving $40 just deal with the blessing.
strigoi814  +   1183d ago
school is very important guys.. try it! it wont make you look stupid at these awkward situations
DivineAssault  +   1183d ago
Already knew this from the get go.. Its unfortunate but what do u expect? We're lucky enough to get a free version at all.. I cant wait to get persona 4 golden & PSABR.. Then ill work on catching up on my backlog of PS3 games like Border lands 2, RE6, Darksiders 2,NFS, & AC3... Until Ni No Kuni & Tales come.. Damn thats gonna kill my pockets
stage88  +   1183d ago
This has been common knowledge for a while.
You would be stupid to believe that the PS3 would come with the Vita version...

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