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Crytek making ‘radical’ fourth Crysis game

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that Crysis 3 will be the end of the current plot arc that began with the first game, but that the franchise is far from over. (Crysis 3, Crytek, EA, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   521d ago
I don't wanna play another Crysis game until Crytek brings back the real sandbox gameplay
DeadlyFire  +   521d ago
Come on how else are they going to promote CryEngine 4?

Crytek is still new to FPS design. They will learn and do it right one day.
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RivetCityGhoul  +   521d ago
another boring crysis game GRRRREAaattt....
Baka-akaB  +   521d ago
Keep killing your golden goose
Reverent  +   521d ago
I think they need to be more concerned with the reception of the 3rd installment before they go around bragging about a 4th in the works... I've basically lost all my faith in Crytek for their inane decisions like this for the past couple of years.
GraveLord  +   521d ago
So Crysis 3 is a quick cash-in. Got it.
Rashonality  +   521d ago
why wait till Crysis 4, why isn't 3 the radical 1
SageHonor  +   521d ago
I hate when developers start talking a bout a sequel before the damn predecessor is released. Regardless it sends a bad message to the potential audience lol...
FantasyStar  +   521d ago
It depends on which audience you're referring to. If you mean the drones that buy Crysis cause of the name: then yeah, bad message.

If you're referring to the CryMod audience and original PC fans of Crysis 1, then this news confirms the murmurs on the forums. That EA is having too much control over what Crytek does and Yerli wants out so regain the lost creative freedom.
Baka-akaB  +   521d ago
I'm not buying it . Of course Ea is one of the culprit but everytime people wanna absolve the studio involved for their crap . It takes two to tango , and Crytek is the one constantly claiming the serie is the same or better ever since C2 .
LoaMcLoa  +   521d ago
So much for Timesplitters 4...
ATi_Elite  +   521d ago
Hold on to your Under-Roos.......Timesplitters 4 is coming NExt console Gen along with Star Wars Battlefront 3!

You heard it here first!!!
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GammaSix  +   521d ago
Tyre  +   521d ago
Great news. Crytek is a great game developer. It still seems to be fashion to bash Crytek by a bunch of sour PC sink holes. I love every Crysis game till today and i'm sure more people do. Shall we continue to comment on every Crytek article with negative remarks?
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Eldyraen  +   521d ago
Agreed. I enjoyed all of the Crysis games even if for different reasons. Was I disappointed in 2's more severe design changes? Of course, but I still had fun and am looking forward to 3 as its supposed to be a little bit more of a mix of the two than one or the other. Granted I won't know for sure but the videos look great and Crytek does make solid shooters, even with the major changes from 1 to 2.

I'm curious where they're going to take the franchise though but in no rush to see it as I'd rather they do it right than rush it out the door. A true next gen Crysis is at the very least is something to wonder about ;). 2-3 might look good but even with any PC specific features (tessellation I hope) it has its base designed for this gen consoles so there should be a decent boost to what the next should be capable of.

I wonder if it will be more open again but still have larger "Michael Bay Moments" like 2 or if they'll take it into a totally new direction (more sci-fi for example as aliens are here but where do they come from?). Personally I don't want to see Crysis turn into Halo but the fact is Crysis is sort of Contemporary Halo meets War of the Worlds already.

Its still way too early to even speculate on where they'll take it as we haven't even seen 3 yet (not much anyways as gameplay hasn't revealed much regarding the story).
lfclee  +   521d ago
It's a great engine but the new unreal engine 4 is a masterclass.
TacticAce  +   521d ago
Sounds like they will start the next crysis on the next gen
ginsunuva  +   521d ago
Radical? Like Free-Radical? The Timesplitters team Crytek hired?
shackdaddy  +   521d ago
Oh ok. Then I can skip Crysis 3. Thanks for the advice Crytek!
ExCest  +   521d ago
Dude, I didn't know the Ninja Turtles worked for Crytek. Radical, dude!
ATi_Elite  +   521d ago
I remember when Crysis was something worth talking about.

The Graphics, Can You Run Crysis, The famous sandbox gameplay, the Nanosuit that allowed you to change play style on the fly, the incredible enemy A.I........man those were the good ole days.

Now Crysis is linear crap pumped out yearly like Call of Duty!!

Cysis 2 sucked and I expect Crysis 3 to suck even harder! Crysis 4 OMG what a bunch of wasted Dev time that's gonna be!

Hey Crytek how about Crysis Warhead 2 PC Exclusive with the old gameplay that us PC Gamers enjoyed.....you know the ones who bought 3.5 million units of Crysis PC and made you famous in the first place!!
Drainage  +   521d ago

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