Zero Punctuation's Medal of Honor Warfighter & Doom 3 BFG Edition Review

Zero Punctuation writes:

"This week, Zero Punctuation reviews one shooter and one, well you'll see."

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JellyJelly1532d ago

Spunkgargleweewee. Genious!

-Gespenst-1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yahtzee is one of the most perceptive and intelligent game critics ever. People think he just rips into games unfairly, but he's actually spot on in nearly every case.

Getowned1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I agree, even tho I don't agree with him that BF3 is "Spunkgargleweewee" but Yahtzee is awesome! I love his videos.

Nimblest-Assassin1532d ago

BF3 is spunkgargle weewee

Stop the russians from using a Nuke.... AMERICA!

Its the same story done to death by these games

Getowned1532d ago


I was more talking about MP, but the SP IMO is alright, but not great so maybe slight "Spunkgargleweewee" but not fully imo.

fredrikpedersen1529d ago

The Bad Company games, though. They have character- They have style. And more importantly, it is written - not mass-produced by whatever evil machine makes the scripts for these generic games