The Top 10 Moustaches in Gaming

Clickonline writes: "It is that time of year where the leaves are dead, winter is coming and men put down their costumes and grow moustaches. Yes, Movember has begun and some men will rock the ‘stache while others will try and fail. If you are looking for some Movember inspiration, you have come to the right place because this is the top 10 Moustaches in Gaming"

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GuyThatPlaysGames2141d ago

But this article is about as pointless as "Top 10 Font Styles in Games". Apparently N4G approves any article these days.

Godmars2902140d ago

At least its on the same page.

SonyStyled2141d ago

i moustache you a question

DFogz2141d ago

but I'll shave it for later

RXL2141d ago

ok..but don't make me beard it out of you.

Godmars2902141d ago

This isn't goatee anywhere.

Tokyo_reject2140d ago

Um.....where the hell is Dudley's from Street Fighter...??? lol