Lone Survivor coming to PS3 and Vita, creator abandons current project

Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games has just announced that his PC game Lone Survivor is being ported to PlayStation 3 and Vita. He has also abandoned his current project because it was too ambitious for one person to put together.

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MikeMyers2223d ago

Lone Survivor is currently $10 on Steam (and has been lower in the past). How much will they charge for Vita and PS3 versions?

HarryMasonHerpderp2223d ago

It will be overpriced as always.
If it's $10 I'll get this for the Vita.

jujubee882223d ago

Buy PS3 version, get the VITA version free.


Vitalogy2223d ago

I've seen "this movie" too many times before and I wouldn't be surprised if they charge between €10-€15 here in Europe :\

DigitalAnalog2223d ago

This is the kind of game that is perfect for the Vita. Plus it would have trophies (something that was lacking in steam).

MikeMyers2223d ago

People should play it and it's good to see it be more widely available.

benicillin2223d ago

Oh this is wonderful news. Such a great game, and more content for my Vita is always a good thing.

crazysammy2223d ago

This game is awesome, and a great addition to the Sony library. I enjoy the Vita getting the digital love and after this Holiday the AAA should be flowing more regularly.

yoshiroaka2223d ago

Good stuff! Ill definitely get it when it drops!

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