GameSpot's Army of Two prerelease hands-on, videos and screens

The good news is, the developers in Montreal have been using the extra few months of production time to examine what was already essentially a completed game to see how they could improve it. For instance, the heads-up display has been significantly refined and simplified, with less and smaller iconography crowding the screen now to afford a better view of the action. On the graphical side, the developers implemented a new lighting model that's meant to better highlight subtle touches like the bump-mapped fine details on the character models, in answer to criticism that some parts of the game were previously too dark and visually bland.

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InMyOpinion3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Looks much better than in previous clips I've seen. I think it will be great. Jason Vorhees goes mercenary.

As with all other military shooters released right now they have to portray Iraq as the bad guys and the U.S. as the liberating heroes. It would be great if some publishers would drop the political propaganda. How come we never get to shoot white english speaking soldiers? At the moment it's either arabs or aliens. For some that's the same thing it seems lol!

Skerj3803d ago

Probably because they'd get lambasted by the media and politicians for training terrorists if they made a game from the other side.

MK_Red3803d ago

Talk about serious improvement. The game looks rather decent now.
LOL at the explosive barrel beside the chopper in second vid. I REALLY think devs should stop putting explosive barrels close to everything important to in-game enemies.

TheXgamerLive3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Is that it's just going to be way to easy to beat. I hope it's not a 5 hour walk though the park.

The game is looking good though and has an interesting play to it.

media733803d ago

er iam 35 and not eligible to view the video wtf?? 250473

The Closing3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

You have to put in an American date as in the month the day then the year. 04/25/73

C'mon you're 35 you should know this by now.

TheXgamerLive3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

ex. 11/08/1973

It's ok, we understand. Too much internet p0rn can do that to a person, lol:))

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