Assassin's Creed The Movie, It's already in the works.

Ubisoft has already announced that an Assassin Creed movie in the making. We also know that it will star Micael Fassbender as everyone's favorite assassin.

Ubisoft has made it clear that they would like to expand the Assassins Creed brand into more than just games. We've seen the figurines, the books and other accessories but the movie will be icing on the cake. They're aiming to extend the life span of the franchise.

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Abojooj2226d ago

This is going to be nice : ) can't wait. I just hope the don't delay it all

Knight_Crawler2226d ago

Delaying it is the least of your worries...just pray that Hollywood does not butcher this by making as non related to the game as possible and just using the name to sell more movie tickets.

Abojooj2226d ago

Yeah i totally agree with you, lets hope they dont make a joke out of a classic

Orbilator2226d ago

lets just pray to fooking god Ewe Boll doesnt end up directing it

BushLitter2226d ago

As much as I love that they making a movie, I think Ubisoft missed the boat on this one. They should have already released at least 2 movies by the end of last year and have the third one releasing this year in time for the end of the world. They would have had viewers hanging on every word