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TheModernKamikaze2221d ago

Omg, seriously anything remotely new in GTA V news, I freak out!

b163o12221d ago

Almost like Jason on Robot Chicken on Thursday the 12th

PS-ADDICT2221d ago

I wondr if youll be able to go Super Fast on the Train And Derail It into oncoming Traffic, or Just Stand There With Some C4 Straped To The tracks then blow it off sky high . Or Snipe the Driver and Ride The Top while it a Runaway And Snipe Police Helis Down From The sky, and i wish they added a Rope Mechanic from Just Cause ,Tying A Rope from one wall to another to See if it would Stop the Train Dead in its Tracks, Or Have A Twnk sitting there Ready and wait for the Train and Tie that totheTrain, and just watch while it sparksand bangs its self on the Tracks

SolidStoner2221d ago

Just look at that nature! those rivers and mountains looks epic, cant wait to go off road and jump everything... :)

Dee_912220d ago
is that a tractor or is that dune buggy from vice city returning?
id be happy with either
Closer look it look like some sort of hot rod

Dee_912220d ago

I forget the BF injection was in san andreas too so this might be it !
Cant wait for that trailer wednesday

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CraigandDayDay2221d ago

I can't wait to play this game!! A true next gen GTA. 4 was a letdown for me but this looks to be an awesome experience.

Fil1012220d ago

I feel the same gta4 was abit meh which in my eyes was a real shame but I still love rockstar and pretty much everything they do.

GribbleGrunger2220d ago

I just can't wait to live this new life!

GuyThatPlaysGames2220d ago

Yea. I wish I could go into a deep sleep right now and awaken at the midnight release!!!

attilayavuzer2220d ago

This game will be a productivity vortex

Knight_Crawler2220d ago

This is going to be one of those games where I start playing mission one and when I see a cow or a bear I will follow it and forget all about the mission :)

It was nice knowing you social world.

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kanugopt2221d ago

Couldn't agree more. Next Spring can't be here soon enough.

Awesome_Gamer2220d ago

Gotta love Rockstar, GTA V will be the best game this gen.

Az1mov2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

This looks phenomenal, fighter jets!! dude this is insane.

can't wait for the trailer, although they're usually kinda short and they bring up hype torture and some more questions.

bayonetta2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I am afraid
it Looks like a PC Version
i wish its a Ps3 version

Shaman2221d ago

There is fair amount of aliasing in those shots. They are definitely 720p and FXAA, probably console.

TheModernKamikaze2221d ago

Even if I want equality on all of them, I still hope that the consoles will still be able to pump the power.

HarryMasonHerpderp2221d ago

If these are console pictures I am more than happy. The game looks amazing.
Pretty excited for this now XD

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I hope it's not pc and I hope for ice enhancer.

teedogg802221d ago

I'm pretty sure the PS3 version looks like this. PC version hasn't even been announced yet.

pr0digyZA2221d ago

Definitively a console version, its more apparent with the bigger pictures around the web than the ones linked here. Things like anti-aliasing and some textures are not as good as they would be on PC. But overall if you look at what they have done with such a huge world and all the details it makes it seem amazing that this is what is coming out.

"i wish its a Ps3 version "
Oh! btw the PS3 version was the one shown to press and they were impressed so don't worry.

violents2220d ago

They are claiming that the PS3 is the lead platform in designing the game. To my knowledge they havent even announced a PC version yet. That's getting me pretty excited about these screens that are coming out because they look awsome. I hope my ps3 looks this good.

jd6662220d ago

They are PS3, from the demo

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DrDeath2221d ago

Looks crazy. best game of this generation so far by looks of it. if other developers put this much time and effort into their franchises they would be amazing too. everyone instead releases yearly franchises and milks it. Rockstar knows quality beats quantity every time and thats why they make the big bucks every release and are respected.

grailly2221d ago

unfortunately, time and effort costs quite a bit of money. Not everyone can affort to do what R* does.

Captain Qwark 92221d ago

yeah rockstar def puts money behind its titles which is why they have such high quality. im pretty sure when it was released gta4 had the biggest dev team ever and was the most expensive game ever

im sure a similar budget was created for this one.

ill pick this up but i was disappointed with 4 myself. personally i liked the last red dead waaaaaaay more than gta4

DrDeath2221d ago

I loved GTA4 when it was released. The controls sucked tho and physics were way to heavy. Now that i downloaded it off psn i cant even bring myself to play it anymore. I still see that its a technical marvel even still. i got TLAD and TBOGT and there not fun at all to me anymore. GTA5 looks to surpass GTA4 in every aspect and they already said they fixed the feel of drivings cars and movement. I Bet this had alot more money put into it then GTA4 tho. just look at it.

ShoryukenII2220d ago

Yeah, Red Dead was a million times better. It's strange that it got a slightly lower metacritic score than GTA IV. Just shows how unreliable metacritic is.

But GTA V must surpass Red Dead otherwise Rockstar North would be admitting defeat to Rockstar San Diego. I can't see that happening.

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