GTA 5: 'You play as both the protagonist and the antagonist', says Rockstar

Just at the conceptual level, the idea was three separate stories that you play in one game. The next bit was, let’s not have the stories intersect once or twice but have them completely interwoven. It felt like it was going to be a real narrative strength: you get to play the protagonist and the antagonist in the same story.

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TheModernKamikaze2142d ago

Great, now we know one or two of them is going to be a traitor.

stage882142d ago

It happens in all GTA's. they start off as buddy's then, oh look, you've been backstabbed and they are set up to be the final boss.

Vandamme212142d ago

That idea is very original

Adrieono2142d ago

I bet its the drug addict Trevor. Plus he looks weird.

NYC_Gamer2142d ago

R* is just teaching other studios how sandbox games are done