Weekly Skyrim Gallery [November 4th - 10th]

DSOGaming writes: "Today we bring you new shots from the works of Skyrim modders Goliatron, UnitedStrafes, VictoriaG, 14TonyStewart20, Elixsur, MrMaestrodeluxe, BugNexus, OurDestiny, Sideshow95, AurianaValoria1, wraith132, Nightskia, Modd3r, wolfstryder, athirst4blood, Grace Darkling and Zerofrost."

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insomnium22222d ago

This will be the hottest story in 3...2....1....

Damn some of those mods sure are hot I give them that.

NeoTribe2222d ago

Seems like all modders are closet pervs or somethin. Minute a game comes out they just can't wait to take the cloths off of npcs.

cleft52222d ago

Skyrim is just a whole other game for people with good PCs. I so need to invest in a great gaming PC.

Hazmat132222d ago

who needs real amour when you got a very small bikini and a g-string!?!

-Gespenst-2222d ago

Yeah they're hot and all, pretty pervy though. The effort is ridiculous.

Screenshot 9 of 25 though, the pebbles and the water... jesus christ...

MidnytRain2222d ago

That's what caught MY attention. That pic was borderline photorealistic.

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