PlayStation.Blog: Warhawk v1.3 Patch details

Dylan Jobe, Game Director of Warhawk, is excited to announce the new, and free, update for Warhawk – the v1.3 Patch!

There are 5 key additions in this update that add a ton of value for the current and future Warhawk players:

1. Mechanic's field wrench
2. Bio-field generator
3. HOME game launching
4. New VOIP options
5. New paint schemes & insignias

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SmokeyMcBear3808d ago

oh lord this is sweet... home integration, biofield... oh man this is gonna be good

sonarus3808d ago

yea the fact they are talking about home makes it seem like it might be coming soon. Maybe we will hear an announcement at GDC. I am more interested in the new weapons or equip though. Warhawk needs to ramp up advertising warhawk is a great game but almost no one knws about it. Almost 10million ps3 owners at least 1million of them should own warhawk by now. I can already see myself with the bio field generator on my tank for clowns who try to stick to the tank so you dnt shoot them. lol The wrench also adds a lot of team support to the game. Great job incognito.

DrPirate3808d ago

Sonarus, Check your PMS

coltsfreak183808d ago

Im hoping that the wrench is a starting weapon. The tanks seem to overpower troops way too easily. I always jump on top of the tanks, hoping that a team mate can save me. With a wrench I can own it mammoth style with teammates. The biofield generator will be great for flag defense, carriers (place it on the jeep). I hope these don't replace the mine. I AM hoping the wrench will totally replace the knife.

sonarus3808d ago

Thanks pirate
@coltsfreak i have had some of my best kills on foot against tanks knowing you managed to take out a tank/a plane while on foot without a rocket launcher obviously is crazy satisfying. My best kill was a tank with 2 ppl in it so while the other guy stuck his head out of the hatch i jumped on the tank and cut him with the knife then i laid a mine right on the tank the guy driving saw me ran out so i hopped in the tank and blasted him. hahaha still laugh when i think about it. Action in warhawk gets so fast paced sometimes you are gettin sick kills on the fly

coltsfreak183808d ago

I wasn't really saying I can't get kills against tanks. I always jump on top of them until the guy jumps out. I then get in and blow him up. Some people are clueless. My best kill is when I did a no scope from the Island outpost base to one of those tall towers. I was trying to no scope somebody in front of me, but I hit the guy hundreds of feet away. (then i knifed the close guy, and then i got blown up by a freaking mine). I am hoping for free levels, because I am glitched (long story don't ask), and I can't buy content for warhawk, but I can DL anything else. I hope they fix the knife recognition glitches.
my .02 dollars

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[email protected]3808d ago

That mean that the Home its closed to be release. It just a matter of wait a little more.

pwnmaster30003808d ago

da wrench reminds me of ratchet an d clank cuz u can hit people with it

sonarus3808d ago

is it jst me or is warhawk begining to remind me of star wars battlefront 2. That was a great game on ps2 never played it online cus i didnt own an xbox and only went online with my ps2 once or twice. But battlefront was great the whole rench thing is like the fusion cutter

coltsfreak183808d ago

I got to legendary with everything in that game. The fusion cutter was my best weapon, andI loved it how you had teammates that actually fought, and possibly won without you doing anything. One of the most fun singleplayer games I've played because of the multiplayer singleplayer mode feel. The multiplayer wasn't half bad either :D

hella whip3808d ago

Home integration released?! I may be getting my hopes up but it sounds very much like Home is coming soon, and i mean within a month or two!

Superiorrior3808d ago

Right the f*ck on! Bought Warhawk last week from eBay, just in time too!

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