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Submitted by MattS 1111d ago | opinion piece

The last thing we need next gen is better graphics

Farida from Digitally Downloaded writes: "One of the main evolutions that came with the current-gen was the introduction of HD entertainment to gaming back. While in retrospect it has served to be one of the most significant advances in gaming, it also served to perhaps be a premature push in big technology that heavily impacted both consumers and, most importantly, developers. It is a dreadfully costly endeavour, complex to disseminate during development and it was initially a difficult task to utilise efficiently." (Industry, Next-Gen)

NewMonday  +   1112d ago
RAM will go way up from the current level on consoles, that will bring much more changes to games than graphics
dedicatedtogamers  +   1111d ago
Indeed. Devs need to focus on other features instead of just fancy textures. Physics, size of maps, number of enemies, enemy AI, draw distance, etc.
Akuma-  +   1111d ago
the first thing they should focus on is better graphics because people prefer that. a lot of gamers like to pretend like they are suppose to be better gamers who dont care about superficial things and they are gamers. if people didn't care about better graphics then gamers would still be playing ps1 the most.

people use to talk about how dvds arent needed just like cds blu rays and all sorts because they thought a better picture isnt necessary. its pure rubbish. big cinema releases manages to do better when the graphics and resolution are in imax. better quality all around is important from story, graphics, sound, physics, animation. the number one thing gamers will notice first are graphics and if they arent good enough then a game most likely wont sell well.

nes fans are the mostly the ones that says things like graphics dont matter and even myself use to say that. i realize that better graphics creates better immersion and evokes more emotional connections with characters and worlds to make a better experience. would games like heavy rain be as good with graphics like zelda skyward sword?i dont think so. would MAG have done better if it had graphics and animations like bf3 on ultra for pc? i think so.

most nes fans that supposedly dont care about graphics are touting how the wii u games will have better graphics. some have even been touting about the wii u games already have better graphics than 7 year old console to validate their opinion of the wii u being the best console. graphics are very important as well as other things to create a better experience and good graphics are used as a barometer to know if devs made a good game to a lot of gamers
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modesign  +   1111d ago
if you dont like all those aspects, go back to board games. unless candy land is too pretty for you, or LIFE is to confusing.
SynGamer  +   1111d ago
More RAM and better CPUs and GPUs. We DO need better graphics, but not the huge leap everything is thinking. The rumors surrounding Sony's effort with the PS4 to enable all games to run at 1080p60fps in 3D is actually a smart move. That's all we need. Most us of have nice 1080p HDTVs at home and hardly any games that actually display that high. To have a game that can do 1080p60fps in 3D means games will look better next gen, and will also be smoother too.

What has me excited is that some current-gen games were able to hit 1080p30fps, no 3D on the PS3 already, so it shouldn't take much to enable ALL games to hit these numbers rumors are projecting Sony wants to see. And furthermore, if a game opts not to do 3D (so long as Sony doesn't make this a requirement for PS4 games), we could see some truly amazing games (visually) next-gen that run at 1080p60fps and have numerous amounts of effects on-screen... :D

What really matters is the experience. Sony NEEDS the PSEye 2 but it MUST be similar to the Kinect. Using the Move controllers is just clunky and defeats the purpose after using the Kinect. So I fully concede that MS did one better than Sony there and like everything else in this industry, Sony needs to take the Kinect and evolve it. That already have the PSEye, now make it better.

They also need to hammer home the use of the PS Vita if they want that thing to succeed. 3+ million units so far is good, but they need it to do better. They NEED remote play that works flawlessly between the PS4 and the PS Vita. That feature alone will almost guarantee I buy my multiplatform releases on the PS4.
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tehpees3  +   1111d ago
No. Sony doesn't need the PS Eye. The only thing that can do for them is "expand" into casual territory and keeping away from it is the reason why they get the most respect from the core.

Camera controllers are far worse then controllers with buttons and core gamers will not accept them. The only thing building on their camera controller would do is be jumping on the bandwagon and they would lose their respect by doing that.

NO CAMERA CONTROLLERS! They will not be accepted. The sooner people realize Kinect is a gimmick the better.
SynGamer  +   1111d ago
If you've actually spent more than 5 minutes with the Kinect, you would understand. Netflix is a great example of this integration (see video below).

It's all about making the consoles feel like a next-gen experience. I want to be able to walk into the room and say "PlayStation/Xbox, ON" and it turns on. I want to be able to tell it to load the current game or whatever while I change out of my work cloths. If I can't find the remote, I want to say "PS/Xbox, PAUSE".

There is no point to a next-gen console if it isn't trying to evolve what we already have.

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DA_SHREDDER  +   1111d ago
"More RAM and better CPUs and GPUs. We DO need better graphics, but not the huge leap everything is thinking."

Agreed! Tell you one thing that I wish devs would work on is frame rates. I played mario kart 7 on the 3DS, and one thing I have to say about the game is that it runs silky smooth, just like Mario Galaxies on the Wii. I just played Rayman on the WiiU not too long ago, and I gotta say, the graphics on the WiiU , the colors, frame rates, everything I see was so tight that I was envious. Not that the ps3 and 360 can't produce good graphics, but all I know is that this is the first gen that devs put grahics first over frame rates, and our games have suffered in almost every department.

Someone please warn Sony that we don't need 4000k resolutions before they go bankrupt.
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Slapshot82  +   1111d ago
Thank you for your response!

You absolutely understand (as well as a few others) where our perspective comes from in the article.

Yes, a small graphical upgrade is needed, but anyone who cares to pay attention to the happenings behind their videogames should know that the current cost to produce games is unsustainable. Regardless of what you think about mobile gaming, it's taking a massive financial hit on the gaming industry, and it's only going to get worse - as mobile games continue to improve.

If Sony/Microsoft were to launch their next consoles at $600+ with massive upgrades, yes people would buy them, but very few can afford to develop for them. When the cost to produce a game rises to the 50+ million USD mark, even the giants like Ubisoft become risk-adverse.

Also, take a look at Vita. I bought the early release bundle and really enjoy the system - it's extremely impressive from a technical standpoint. But, people just aren't buying. Why? They're buying things like the iPad and Nexus 7, because they can do so much more than the Vita can.

It's a crazy and exciting time to be a gamer. The next ten years are going to be blast - full of things that go against expectations!
Eyeco  +   1111d ago
I want better performance if anything,most console games this gen can barely maintain 30 fps
bicfitness  +   1112d ago
Except the cost for "better graphics" isn't as prohibitive these days as technology (core clocks, GPUs) has been relatively less explosive and has hit a bit of a ceiling when compared to previous gens.

So to make a 1080p, 60 FPS box next gen requires minimal financial effort. A few devs have gone on record saying that next gen could be "cheaper" than previous ones, so I'm not sure where the author is getting his information from. If MS and Sony go with off the shelf components and a PC friendly developer environment, costs will be minimal.

And next gen better graphics are ALL that I need. I don't care about motion controls or ridiculous features I never asked for. Video games are a visual medium, so give me cinematic, over the top visuals and games I can't find anywhere else and a standard controller and I'll be just fine.
Snookies12  +   1112d ago
Eh, I understand where you're coming from and definitely respect it. I just think videogames have much more going for them than visuals. To me, it's all in the storytelling, characters, and gameplay. Seriously, a game these days can look like it's being played on a NES for all I care. As long as I have fun playing it and am intrigued enough by the characters/plot to want to continue, that's all I really need. :]

Although, pretty visuals/cutscenes are a nice added bonus...
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bicfitness  +   1111d ago
"so give me cinematic, over the top visuals and games" - well made stories and systems are implied but not implicit in that statement; sorry if that wasn't entirely clear. I want all the benefits of narrative, game-play etc from THIS gen, and NEXT gen, just a bump up in graphics. No motion controls, no gimmicks. We have tablets and such for all that crap. No one really uses Move, Kinect has proven stillborn once its launch wore off (like 2 million in a year and a half after the initial 18 million) and the Wii is essentially dead.

Its not all about visuals, obviously. But they certainly are important, at least to me. Otherwise we'd all be playing NES emulators, which while fun are mostly so on account of nostalgia. Visuals and certainly gameplay and storytelling has surely improved since then (with certain exceptions, yes).
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SynGamer  +   1111d ago
I both agree and disagree with your comment. I agree that games should be about the experience, but I also disagree that the visuals could be NES and it wouldn't matter. We live in the year 2012 (almost 2013), we not only need to stay current technologically, but we deserve the visual treat for the prices we're expecting to pay ($399+).

If people want nostalgia, there are numerous systems that can offer that such as most of the current consoles and the handhelds. Being able to have a great experience should also be possible right along-side being a visually pleasing game.

EDIT: I think people (console gamers) will be surprised at how well COD looks at 1080p60fps with all the bells and whistles. Or how about Final Fantasy, or Mass Effect. I mean, GT5 was able to *kinda* do 1080p~60fps, if they can hit that mark fully and add extra features, I'm sold...
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Az1mov  +   1111d ago
Yeah I can't imagine making the jump and paying the price if there isn't a considerable graphical upgrade, otherwise what's the point.
The_Infected  +   1112d ago
More power equals better physics, better worlds, and better A.I. Most would rather have that than stupid gimmicks next gen although I feel like we will have them anyways. Maybe a few select things would be nice. Virtual Reality would be crazy and cloud gaming as another option aside from physical would be nice.

Maybe I'm different but I really enjoy eye candy! So bring on the graphics!
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DigitalAnalog  +   1111d ago
LOL, better worlds and A.I. Halo 1 had this and it was a LAST gen game. No, if this pinnacle of the top AAA franchise today places more emphasis on streamlining the living shit out of every possible game they can think of, not even the next gen would save it.
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hiredhelp  +   1111d ago
Course graphics is needed how many would go out buy a console example ps4 found out same graphics chip just added memory differnt cpu.
Graphics is what pushes next level of gaming The point is individuals what matters more story or gameplay, visuals or Both? For me mix of all 3.
Blankman85  +   1111d ago
I know I'm an advocate for gameplay over graphics, but if next gen doesn't bring better graphics as well as better gameplay then I'll be disappointed.
wishingW3L  +   1111d ago
if they don't bring better graphics then they could just keep adding more features through updates. Didn't we get Kinect and Move this same gen? Then they could continue to innovate in the same manner. =/

The thing about power is that it stays the same for at least 4-5 years while all those gimmicks can be added at any time.
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richierich  +   1111d ago
No the first thing next gen needs is better graphics
Summons75  +   1111d ago
Gameplay >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;> graphics. Graphics should be the very very last thing on a devs mind. Gameplay should be absolutely number one followed by art style, story, music and polish it all together. And yes art style is massively different from graphics. Graphics do NOT make a game good and they will never. Graphics will only be something than make a game look prettier in the end, like a bow on a present. If you have bad gameplay no graphics in the world can save your game from being a bad game. You can have bad graphics but have the best playable game ever because of the controls.
sway_z  +   1111d ago
If we're expected to pony up potentially $400-$500 on next gen ....Why shouldn't we expect both awesome visuals and better game play/stories?

....Seems my favourite ever developers Naughty Dog get it absolutely right....awesome visuals, excellent game play and a fully baked storyline.

*I'm so excited for Uncharted 4!

I look forward to more graphical details, smoother frame rates, great stories...oh and less loading/installs next gen too please...if that's not too much to ask ;)
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Axonometri  +   1111d ago
Yeah, I want all my future console games to have screen tearing, texture popping, tiny draw distances... In fact, I think I just want next gen to go back to text base gaming, forget the whole "video" part of video games.
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sway_z  +   1111d ago
lulz @Axonometri...dude you are awesome!
TheRealSpy  +   1111d ago
Adolph Fitler  +   1111d ago
No, its the 1st thing, as why bother upgrading if the graphics aint better.
They build an engine like Epic do with Unreal, or Criterion with Renderware & it's graphics capabilities are shown, blow us all away, then games like Burnout, GTA & such are built in it.
People who claim graphics don't matter, are only fooling themselves, as it is an important part of immersion & the whole experience, along with good gameplay, sound fx, music, physics, AI & lastly story.....I say lastly, as really, I mean I skip the cutscenes of most games, as they really are all very samely & suck. Apart from a few select developers that are able to deliver good stories in a good game, the other 99% are dribble.
la_nostra_liberta  +   1111d ago
No need better graphics? This is pathetic... WE NEED EVERYTHING.
Npugz7  +   1111d ago
Disagree! We definately need better graphics next gen or what's the point in next gen!
Baka-akaB  +   1111d ago
There we go with the pretense and charade
JBSleek  +   1111d ago
If the last thing we need next generation is graphics then why is there a next generation.

Sure there is storytelling and gameplay but that is up to the developers and not the hardware.

I think graphics is the first thing that is noticeably going to be upped and it needs to be how else can you justify a $400 console with just enhanced AI?
azshorty2003  +   1111d ago
Better AI & Bug testing. AC3 AI is the worst in the series. Combat is a joke when only 1 guard attacks you at a time. I jump right in the middle of an enemy den with about 20 red coats, and I kick their asses, no contest.
JasonXS12  +   1111d ago
What's the point of going next Gen if graphics isn't key. Next generation usually means advancements in graphical quality. Story and concept design don't improve due to next gen, it improves based on the game developers.
Picnic  +   1111d ago
One of my favourite games of the generation is Motorstorm Apocalypse. The previous 2 games were operating in an increasingly crowded market and, I felt, often weren't as fun but Apocalypse changed that. The graphics, showing collapsing buildings and other structures, give it a grandeur that would not have been possible last generation. But it's not just for show - it affects what lies ahead in the course and at its heart is that fun edge of the seat 'Crazy Taxi' kind of feel - it helps that it's set in San Fransisco and around. It's good to think that the spirit of the Dreamcast lives on - cutting edge and instantly fun.
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coolmaster  +   1111d ago
the last thing we need is these "click me" articles on n4g...
ILive  +   1111d ago
Like many have said here: better graphics is the first thing we actually need. Heck we need a combination of everything because why bother upgrading. When Ms and Sony show off their new console it would be the upgrade in graphics we will see first. Then they will start to show off the advances in design, AI, physics, and the larger maps and players in multi players. Why would anyone buy uncharted 4 if it looks just like three with a bigger world, better AI, and few additions to game play? They would need to show off what their machines are capable of and what people should expect more of in the future.
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GraveLord  +   1111d ago
Well that's the first thing we're getting. Along with improved AI, physics, textures, view distances...etc.
GameLord08  +   1111d ago
Sigh. Author of this article here. Alright, I can see that at least half the people in this section hardly bothered to even read the article, so let me lay it down simply enough for all of you here.

First and foremost, this isn't a "click me" article to whatever cretins here lack the understanding of what an opinion article is. If you read it, you'd actually see that I invested a wealth of reasoning into this from what is my own perspective.

Secondly, I hardly ever insinuated that the next-gen wouldn't see an increase in the appeal of graphics (for example, I think full HD at 1080p is what next-gen consoles ought to achieve) - what I distinctly said is not to expect an extensive upgrade in graphics, i.e. no 4k resolution rubbish that'll lead both the manufacturers and developers into the dust. There's a clear difference; as others have said, what next-gen consoles ought to achieve primarily in the next generation is advances in AI, physics, textures, and most importantly, design, though I didn't mention any of this in the article.

Take Assassin's Creed III, for an example. Brilliantly designed visually, but multiple technical shortcomings, unrealistic AI and the like. Graphics are starting to become somewhat too much of a focus compared to all the other issues developers seem to ignore in their games, and therefore, that is the last thing that ought to be concentrated on in the next-gen. It doesn't take a bloody genius to interpret what this article mainly revolved around.

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